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ABC of security

 Important! Recommendations on the use of a card.

A Bank payment card - is an individual tool to access your account. The right to use the card has only the person whose name and surname are indicated on the card. If you want to give anyone access to your account – order an additional card. Remember that for the identification of the cardholder cashiers in shopping centers and at cash points have the right to request the proof of identity (a passport, a residence permit or a refugee certificate).
• Be sure to sign the card and keep a PIN code to it in a secret. To ensure the security of the PIN code remember it or store it separately from the card in an implicit form, but in any case, do not write on the card itself. Remember that regardless of the circumstances, no one has the right to require the value of your PIN code: no law enforcement officials or cashiers outlets or representatives of the bank.
• Keep the card in a safe place, eliminating the access to it by third parties. Do not leave your card in sight, to prevent unauthorized copying of card details (a card number, its expiration, a validation code CVV2 / CVC2).
• Remember, that JSC Belagroprombank does not send any letters, SMS-messages, e-mails, asking to confirm the card’s details, a PIN code or other personal information. Ignore letters, concerning finance, coming by e-mails from unknown persons.
• If you got by phone or e-mail a message about a necessity to provide your card’s data, to enter this data on any web site or to carry out a transaction in the ATM  – by no means do not believe such information. If the message contains information, that your card has been blocked, check this fact in the round-the-clock service for customers of JSC «Bank processing center» by phone +375 17 299-25-25 or in the bank’s office at the place of opening the account. 
•To carry out operations outside the Republic of Belarus it is recommended to open a separate account and replenish it as needed (for example, using the credit transfer service between the cards in the «Internet Banking»). Upon returning from a trip, it is desirable to transfer money to another account. When choosing a card preference should be given to a card with the chip (standard EMV), because it has a higher level of security and is better protected against forgery. It is not recommended to use savings cards when abroad.
•Going with the card abroad, be sure to check the balance of funds on the account and verify spending limits.
• When performing operations outside the Republic of Belarus carefully check the amount of the transaction. Currently, many shopping centers offer customers a service like instant currency conversion (Dynamic Currency Conversion), the essence of which is that the client is invited to choose the currency of payment for the purchase (for example, in the currency of the card account). Many clients find this service convenient, but it should be noted that the applied currency rate while conversion is as a rule disadvantageous for the client (the difference may be in the order of 10% or more), so we recommend to choose the currency of the country in which you make a purchase.
• Be especially careful, making transactions using cards on the territory of countries with high risk of fraud, which include: Ukraine, Russia (in particular the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg), Montenegro, Bulgaria, Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Tunisia, Singapore, Cyprus, Mexico. It is recommended to reissue the card after the use in any of these countries.
•Regularly check the status of your account with monthly statements, which can be obtained at the Bank branch at the place of opening the account, by e-mail or in the «Internet Banking». It should be noted that due to the nature of the transactions with cards there is a time gap between the reflection of the transaction and the transaction itself. Information about the last 13 transactions (including those amounts which are blocked, but not yet written off) can be obtained using a mini-statement in the «Internet Banking» or terminals that support this feature.
•To control the movement of funds on your account we recommend to use the system of «Internet Banking» or activate the service «SMS-notification», which provides information on credit/debit transactions virtually when they occur. You can activate the service in the branch of opening a bank account or in the Internet banking. To do this, select the following menu items: <Your cards> / <Service management> / <Enable SMS-notification>.
• In case of a dispute (fully or partially received funds for cash withdrawal, payment transaction is completed not successfully, but the funds are frozen or debited from the account, using the card or its details thereof committed unauthorized operation, and others.) Refer to the Bank’s branch of opening an account for registration an application. When detecting the unauthorized transactions, you must be sure to contact the police.
• If you have discovered that the card is absent, or you suspect of a fraud, if the card has been taken away by a cashier in a shopping center or at a cash point, it is necessary to block a card in one of the possible ways:
- by calling the round-the-clock customer Service of JSC «Banking Processing Centre» (+37517) 299-25-26(5);
- by using the system of «Internet banking». To do this, select the following menu items: <Your cards> / <Cards management>, choose a required card, push the button <Block a card> and follow the instructions.

Safety rules for transactions with the use of cards in ATMs and infokiosks.
• When choosing a terminal give preference to the device, which is located in a well-lit public place.
• Do not use devices, demanding to enter the PIN code to enter the place, where an ATM is located.
• Before using a terminal, carefully inspect it for any suspicious devices on the keyboard for entering the PIN and the card reader. The front panel should not contain foreign objects (wires, mini video cameras, other pads). If you have any suspicion of their presence, refrain from using the terminal. 
• Do not apply physical force to insert the card into the terminal. If the card is not inserted without additional efforts, please refrain from the use of this terminal.
 • Pay attention to the people, standing beside you in the queue. If necessary ask them to keep the distance, so that they can not see the PIN. Enter the PIN quickly by memorized movements and preferably with several fingers. When you enter the PIN on the keypad, cover the keyboard with your hand, purse or bag.
• Do not let anyone distract you during the operation, as you may accidentally make an incorrect operation. Furthermore, after a set time money or a card can be withdrawn by the terminal. Do not use any help from unknown persons offering assistance in carrying out operations or to return the confiscated cards.
• Note that the sequence of the issuance of money and return of the card at ATMs of different banks may vary (in some ATM first comes back a card, and then money is provided).
Safety regulations for transactions with the use of cards in trade and service organizations.
• When carrying out transactions in trade and service organizations do not let the card out of sight. If necessary, go to the location of the terminal for payment.
• During the operation in the trade and service organizations pay special attention to the actions of a cashier. If he tries to hold the card through the terminal more than once, specify the reason for re-use of the card (it can be a result of a technical failure as well as unauthorized access to your data).
• Before you confirm the operation, make sure the amount, currency, date, type of operation are correct. The operation is confirmed by entering a PIN or signature. Confirmation method is determined based on the settings of the issuing bank and the acquiring bank.
• In case of cancellation of purchase during the current day a cashier must give you a card-receipt on the abolition of the operation. If you do not get a receipt on cancellation, make sure that the cashier destroyed previously issued receipt for payment.
• When you return previously purchased goods present your card for the return operation to the cashier. Due to the nature of transaction processing refunds may not be immediately available for use (average processing may take up to 2 weeks).
• If as a result of an unsuccessful operation on the card you paid for the purchase using a different method of payment (such as cash or another card), save the proving documents and then check, whether the funds have been written off on the failed operation.
• Keep the card receipts for at least 6 months from the date of the transactions. It is mandatory to keep the card receipts on unsuccessful transactions and operations of cancel and return of your purchase.
Safety rules for transactions with the use of cards in the Internet.
• To pay in the Internet it is recommended to issue a separate card and fill it before the transaction. It is advisable to open a separate account in a foreign currency, as the calculations are usually made in US dollars or Euro. Thus, you can avoid foreign exchange gains or minimize the costs of currency conversion. For security reasons, it is advisable to deposit funds directly before the transaction in the amount, a bit exceeding the planned expenditures. In this case the maximum amount that you risk is limited to the amount of replenishment.
• Install on your computer the licensed software, including anti-virus software and update it regularly.
• Make purchases only from your computer. Do not use Internet cafes and other public means, which may be spyware, storing your sensitive data.
• To make purchases in the Internet use web sites of famous companies, using special programs to protect your card’s data. Safe web sites are indicated with a special icon in the form of a closed padlock. Preference should be given to web sites, supporting 3D-Secure technology (programs Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode).
• Make sure that the web sites you connect to for a purchase are safe, as similar addresses can be used to carry out illegal actions.
• Before making the operation carefully learn the terms of the proposed agreement, in particular the rules for provision of a service, conditions of delivery, return, refund of the goods, the procedure of cancelation of the order. Assess the feasibility of the transaction, if the information about the payment terms is provided in an unknown language.
• Before booking a hotel in the Internet, learn the conditions and cancellation conditions.
• In case of occurrence of disputable situation it is necessary to save any electronic documents, e-mails, regarding your attempts to resolve the situation with the seller.
 • Carefully read the terms and conditions on the provision of services on web sites, especially for transactions related to gambling: casinos, lotteries.
Recommendations of the National Bank of Belarus on the safe use of bank payment cards

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