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    Money transfers

    Bank wire transfer is the best choice for those who when transferring money abroad are guided not only by considerations of economy but also by ensuring maximum safety.

    Belagroprombank JSC makes transfers both at the expense of foreign currency in cash (transfers without opening an account) and from a current account or deposit account.

    To send/receive a money transfer the client must have an identity document on them. Such documents include a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, a residence permit in the Republic of Belarus, a refugee certificate, a passport of a foreign citizen. In cases of sending/paying a transfer by a minor, a birth certificate may be a document certifying (confirming) the identity.

    To transfer foreign currency to you from abroad the sender of the payment must specify:

    • the name of the bank and its BIC – Belagroprombank JSC, BAPBBY2X;
    • the number of the correspondent account of Belagroprombank in a foreign bank (you can find out it in any branch of Belagroprombank);
    Mandatory banking details for crediting a bank transfer to an account
    • Surname; First name; Patronymic (if any) of the transfer recipient;
    • the account of the transfer recipient in IBAN format (in the transfer currency);
    • passport data of the transfer recipient (personal number, passport series and number).
    Mandatory banking details for developing a bank transfer without opening an account
    • Surname; First name; Patronymic (if any) of the transfer recipient;
    • passport data of the transfer recipient (personal number, passport series and number);
    • the number of the transit account opened with Belagroprombank JSC (depending on the transfer currency):

    BY34BAPB38191000060180000000 (currency code 840 - US dollar),

    BY78BAPB38191000060280000000 (currency code 978 - Euro),

    BY42BAPB38191000090180000000 (currency code 643 - Russian ruble),

    BY86BAPB38191000090280000000 (currency code 985 - Polish zloty).

    To transfer foreign currency from the Republic of Belarus to relatives and friends or to the organization, you need to specify:

    • the name of the organization or the surname, first name, patronymic (if any);
    • the recipient’s account number;
    • the recipient’s passport data or address;
    • SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank (if any);
    • the name of the beneficiary bank and its address (country, city);
    • the details of the intermediary bank (if any);
    • the purpose of the transfer.

    In addition, in order for the bank to perform the functions of currency control agents when carrying out currency transactions by resident individuals who are not individual entrepreneurs, the client must provide the following documents:

    a contract or other document justifying the payment (including an administrative offence report, a writ of execution, a court decision, information from the global computer network Internet on paper) and containing information about the name of the beneficiary, their bank details, the amount (cost) to be paid (except for currency transactions related to giving charity and donations), the purpose of the payment. Information from the global computer network Internet on paper must contain the client’s mark “Information from the Internet”. An individual must indicate in the payment instruction in the “Purpose of payment” field that the transfer is not related to business activity.

    If required, the bank is provided with a permit of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus to carry out a currency transaction (if the need for a permit is provided for by the currency legislation) and other documents required by the bank to perform the functions of currency control agents.

    For detailed information about the bank’s fee for an international bank transfer read the section «Schedule of fees (remuneration) for transactions», carried out by Belagroprombank JSC.

    To receive a payment order form, when making a bank transfer, you must contact any branch of the bank. The addresses and opening hours of the bank’s branches can be found out in the «Regional Network» section.

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