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    USSD-banking is a service that provides the possibility of remote banking services through USSD requests using a mobile device.

    To work in the system you should:

    • be a Bank card holder *; 
    • have a serviceable mobile device that allows you to send USSD-requests; 
    • be a subscriber of the mobile operator “A1” or “MTS”.

    *you can use all active Bank cards in the system, except for corporate ones.

    There are three ways for activation but first you should review the Terms of use of USSD-banking service

    The “USSD-banking” service are activated simultaneously:

    1. Independently in the “Internet banking” system:

    To do this you should

    • log in the “Internet Banking” system;
    • enter the menu item “Bank services” – “Registration of USSD-banking and further pass the registration by entering the necessary data;
    • activate the “USSD-banking” service, you must enter the USSD-menu, select or enter the appropriate command (ACTIVATE < activation code>). The activation code is reflected in the payment information - the “Transaction Archive” menu item.

    2. By applying to any branch of the Bank.

    When applying to the Bank’s branch you should:

    • fill out an application for connecting the “USSD-banking”service.

    3.  Independently in the self-service terminal or ATM.

    To do this you should:

    • ins ert the card into the device and enter the PIN code;
    • enter the menu item “Bank services” – “Registration of USSD-banking and follow the further prompts.
    • activate the “USSD-banking” service, you must enter the USSD-menu, select or enter the appropriate command (ACTIVATE < activation code>). The activation code is printed on the card receipt after passing the registration.

    The USSD-banking service allows you to:

    • monitor the current card balance;
    • make wire payments: pay for communication services of Beltelecom RUE, Internet access services, mobile communications services (A1, Life:), МТS) etc.;
    • block/ unblock the card;
    • enable/ disable BELKART-InternetPassword
    • other operations as the service develops.

    How to use the USSD-banking service

    1. Enter the service menu by typing the USSD request *250#. In response, you will receive a service menu where each action will correspond to a certain number.
    2. Select the desired action by clicking on the corresponding number on the mobile device and then follow the prompts.
    3. To carry out transactions with cards, enter the last 4 (four) digits of the card number.

    Benefits of using the “USSD-banking” service:

    Convenience – the system provides access to your accounts and banking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Safety – full confidentiality of relations between the bank and the client (all the entered data is not stored on the mobile device).

    Ease of use – you do not need to have any special knowledge or skills to manage your own funds. The service has an interface which is convenient and understandable for any user. It is not necessary to remember how to send USSD requests.

    No roaming charges and no need for an Internet connection.

    USSD-menu structure

    *250*0# - view the card balance in case you have not passed the service registration and activation (available only for the mobile phone number that you specified in the application form for issuing a bank payment card);
    *250*1# - view the card balance in case you have passed the service registration and activation;
    *250*2# - payment for services of mobile operators MTS, A1, life:);
    *250*2*1# - MTS;
    *250*2*2# - A1;
    *250*2*3# - life:);
    *250*3# - payment for utilities. Further you should select the regional city and the required utility service;
    *250*3*1# - Brest;
    *250*3*2# - Vitebsk;
    *250*3*3# - Gomel;
    *250*3*4# - Grodno;
    *250*3*5# - Minsk;
    *250*3*6# - Mogilev;
    *250*4# - payment for services: Internet service providers, residential telephone, TV;
    *250*4*1# - ByFly;
    *250*4*2# - AtlantTelecom;
    *250*4*3# - residential telephone;
    *250*4*4# - TVBOX;
    *250*4*5# - CosmosTV;
    *250*4*6# - PilotTV;
    *250*5# - Bank card services;
    *250*5*1# - block the card;
    *250*5*2# - unblock the card;
    *250*5*3# - enable BELKART-InternetPassword
    *250*5*4# - disable BELKART-InternetPassword
    *250*6# - activate the USSD-banking service;
    *250*7# - deactivate the USSD-banking service;
    *250*5*5# - view account number in IBAN format.

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