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    Automated safe deposit service + video

    Individuals are provided with a service for storing valuables in a bank cell.

    The operation of storing valuables in the automatic depositary vault of JSC Belagroprombank is unique for the banking services market of the Republic of Belarus and has not been performed by other banks of the Republic of Belarus so far.

    Client access to the cell is provided freely around the clock.

    The client's valuables are stored in an automatic depository vault, which is an isolated room designed for storing bank deposit items located in safe deposit boxes, equipped with an automatic system for round-the-clock client access to the safe deposit box in self-service mode.

    The automatic depositary vault is under the centralized guard of the Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus around the clock, its technical strength meets the requirements of the law.

    At the request of the client, access to the cell can be issued to another authorized person.

    The Bank respects the confidentiality of information about the contents of the safe deposit box. The bank also ensures that the microclimate indicators of the depositary vault are maintained in the regime established by law, according to which the air temperature is 18-25 ° C, relative air humidity is 40-60%.

    Bank safekeeping items may be cash, securities, precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, other valuables, as well as documents.

    It is prohibited to store cold and firearms, ammunition for them, explosive, flammable, narcotic, radioactive, chemical, bacteriological substances, as well as objects and substances that can cause material or other harm to the bank and/or third parties and pose a threat to health by their nature , people's lives and the environment.

    In order to rent a safe deposit box, you must present an identity document, fill out an application for granting an individual safe deposit box for use, sign a closed bank storage agreement in the prescribed form and pay the cost of the service in accordance with subparagraph 16.2 of paragraph 16 of the Fee guide for operations carried out by JSC Belagroprombank.

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