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    As part of the My Bonus loyalty program, when making payments with bank payment cards, the bank can set Money-back - income in the form of a percentage of the amount of non-cash payment for goods (works, services).

    The conditions and procedure for the payment of Money-back are determined by the Rules of the My Bonus loyalty program for holders of debit bank payment cards. Amendments (additions) to the Rules, suspension, termination of the loyalty program are carried out by the Bank unilaterally.

    Individuals can participate in the "My Bonus" program - owners of accounts to which the following bank payment cards are issued:


    Card type Name of the card and service (package) within which the card is issued Currency

    BELKART-PREMIUM (pension),

    BELKART-PREMIUM-Maestro (pension)

    Mastercard Unembossed «Motsnaya kartka» - «Zabota»

    Сard as part of the package «Zabota» 

    Belarusian ruble

    Visa Infinite

    One card Visa Infinite, Visa Infinite card in the Elite package Belarusian ruble, US dollars, euro, Russian ruble

    Mastercard World "О-GO!"

    One card Mastercard World «О-GO!» Belarusian ruble

    Mastercard Standard "Student card",

    BELKART-PREMIUM "Student card"

    Card within the product "Student card" Belarusian ruble

    Visa Classic MINI «Drive»,

    Visa Classic «Drive»

    One card Visa Classic «Drive» Belarusian ruble
    Mastercard Standard «Motsnaya kartka» -  PerekrestОК Primary card Mastercard Standard «Motsnaya kartka» - PerekrestОК Belarusian ruble
    BELCART for boys
    BELCART for girls
    BELCART for children with individual design
    BELCART PREMIUM for boys
    BELCART PREMIUM for girls
    Visa Classic for children
    Card within the product "Children's card" Belarusian ruble
    Mastercard Unembossed,
    Mastercard Unembossed «Motsnaya kartka»,
    Mastercard Standard,
    Mastercard Standard «Motsnaya kartka»,
    Visa Classic,
    Mastercard Gold,
    Mastercard Gold «Motsnaya kartka»,
    Visa Gold,
    Visa Platinum
    Primary salary card within the package "Salary" (Comfortable) Belarusian ruble

    "Motsnaya kartka" is a bank payment card with which you can perform standard banking transactions and at the same time receive advantageous offers from partner companies.

    Loyalty program "Motsnaya Kartka" - a loyalty program, according to which holders of bank payment cards "Motsnaya Kartka" are provided with discounts and bonuses.

    More than 300 trade networks, shops and service enterprises of the Republic of Belarus participate in the Motsnaya Kartka loyalty program, which provide discounts to holders of Motsnaya Kartka cards. In addition to discounts, bonus points are also awarded, which can then be used as special discounts with program partners, as well as exchanged for gift certificates or other privileges.

    To participate in the Motsnaya Kartka program, you must accept the terms of the Public Offer Agreement.

    If you see stickers with the Motsnaya Kartka logo on the store door or at the checkout, then this company participates in the Motsnaya Kartka loyalty program.


    Motsnaya Kartka allows you to receive discounts and bonuses in partner companies.

    Discount available:

    Моцная картка Automatically when scanning a barcode on the back of the card or upon presenting a card with the Motsnaya Kartka logo
    Моцная картка Subject to non-cash payment with the Motsnaya Kartka

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