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    Belkart «Sberegatelnaya»

    Interest rates are like deposits, efficiency is like cards!

    • shelf life 360 days
    • minimum contribution amount 30 BYN
    • possibility of partial withdrawal of funds

    BELKART Sberegatelnaya – is a profitable way to generate income in combination with the functionality of a bank payment card. This is a great alternative to deposits for those who care about their finances, strive to increase them and at the same time want to have constant access to them.



    Account currency BYN 
    Card validity period 12 months
    Card issuance fee free



    РInterest rate,% per annum:
    In the absence of debit transactions on the account in the billing period* 6,7%
    If there are debit transactions on the account in the billing period in the amount established for the deposit (deposit) «on demand»

    *except for the operations of writing off the fee for the operations caused by the use of the card (SMS-informing, viewing the balance, etc.).

    One of the features of a Sberegatelnaya card – is the ability to use the funds stored on the deposit at any time without visiting the bank. In the absence of debit transactions for the billing period (calendar month), income is accrued at an increased interest rate. If there are debit transactions on the card in the billing period, interest is accrued at the rate of the deposit «on demand».

    And there is also such a thing as a minimum minimum balance – this is the amount of money that must remain on the card..

    How to get a deposit card

    To issue a deposit card, you can contact any of  the departments of our bank. Your application will be reviewed as soon as possible.

    If you want to get additional advice from specialists, just call our bank at short number 136.


    Why is a Sberegatelnaya card beneficial?

    free disposal of the deposit amount - you use your finances at any time and at your own discretion.

    cashless payment - the ability to pay in stores, pay for services and services, including online.

    interest is accrued on the balance of the amount, which brings additional income.

    funds can be withdrawn as needed.

    You can learn more about bank rates here.

    «Deposit card» - term revocable bank deposit (deposit)

    Deposit currency Belarusian rubles
    Shelf life 360 calendar days
    Type and validity period BELKART Sberegatelnaya or Mastercard Standard Sberegatelnaya card for a period of 315 calendar days
    Type of interest rate    Fixed
    Minimum down payment
    (minimum balance), units of currency


    The cost of the card free
    The size of the daily lim it for cash withdrawals on cards** Not established
     The procedure for paying interest at the choice of the client Addition to the amount of the deposit (deposit) (capitalization) or non-cash transfer to the current account to which the card is issued, opened in the currency of the deposit (deposit) in the name of the client.
    Replenishment Only with the use of the card and (or) its details, incl. by means of AIS. «Calculation».
    It is allowed to credit the deposit (deposit) account with funds received as part of promotional games, promotions or other events held by the bank or on behalf of the bank, as well as funds returned fr om an unauthorized operation.
    Acceptance of additional contributions may be suspended by the bank unilaterally.
    Possibility of partial withdrawal of the amount  Funds from the deposit (deposit) account can be spent with and without using the card both non-cash and in cash within the balance of funds on the deposit (deposit), except for the amount of the minimum balance.
    Possibility of early termination   Early termination is made on the basis of a written application of the client not earlier than 45 (forty-five) calendar days after the date of submission of the said application to the bank.
    Possibility of opening in the name of another person, issue of additional cards Not allowed.
    Issue of additional cards to the deposit (deposit) account is not allowed.

    **The size of the daily lim it for cash withdrawals on cards may be changed by the bank.


    Upon the expiration of the deposit (deposit) storage period, the amount of the deposit (deposit), taking into account the accrued interest, is paid to the depositor in cash or transferred by bank transfer to the account specified by the depositor.

    If the deposit (deposit) is not claimed after the expiration of its storage period (the depositor did not apply to the bank or did not indicate the account to transfer the amount of the deposit (deposit) after closing), the amount of the deposit (deposit), taking into account the accrued interest, is transferred to the deposit account ( deposits) on demand of individuals. From the date of the said transfer on the amount of the deposit (deposit), interest is accrued monthly and added to the amount of the deposit (deposit) in the amount established for the deposit (deposit) "on demand" in the relevant currency.

    Available card operations in the app:

    • Make payments
    • Transfer money
    • Change PIN code
    Download for iOS Download for Android
    Available card operations in the app:

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