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    Visa Classic Children's

    • money-back 0,5%
    • individual design

    Visa Classic for children and adolescents – is an international bank payment card that allows you to pay not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also abroad.



    Account currency


    Card validity period

    6 years

    Card issue fee

    20 BYN;

    free custom design.

    You can apply for a child card:

    • a child aged 6 to 14 years - the card is issued as an additional to the current (settlement) account of his legal representatives (parents, adoptive parents, guardians);
    • a teenager aged 14 to 18 years old - a card can be issued both as a main card (if there is a passport) or as an additional one to the current (settlement) account of his legal representatives (parents, adoptive parents, trustees).



    Also, using a children's card, it is possible to receive Money-back in the most relevant trade and service organizations for children. Details of the conditions for accruing Money-back can be found here.


    You can learn more about bank rates here.

    Card with an individual design.

    For a children's card, you have the opportunity to make it unique by placing your favorite image on it! You can choose it from the list of available ones, or offer your own, having previously agreed on compliance with the rules provided by payment systems.

    How can I get a children's card in your bank?

    To apply for a children's card, you need to contact any branch of the bank and fill out an application form for issuing a card. Both an adult and a child must have an identity document with them. If the child has not yet received an identity document, you must bring a birth certificate with you.

    At what age and at what age can a child card be issued for a child?

    A children's card is issued for children aged 6 to 18 years. It can be released as a primary and secondary.

    The holder of the main card is the owner of the account to which this card is issued.

    The holder of the additional card is not the owner of the account to which it is issued. In this case, the account holder must allow the child to issue an additional card to his account by filling out an application form of the appropriate sample.

    For children aged 6 to 14, a children's card is issued as an additional one only to the accounts of their legal representatives (parents, adoptive parents or guardians).

    Children aged 14 to 18 have the right to:

    • open an account on a general basis (only if you have a passport) with the possibility of issuing a main or additional children's card;
    • receive a children's card as an additional one to the accounts of other persons (not necessarily their legal representatives).
    How can a parent control the spending of money by a child?

    Our bank provides several ways to control the spending of money by a child:

    1. The account holder can set a spending limit on the child's card, which allows you to limit the child's use of a certain amount of money during the day.
    2. The account holder can activate the "SMS-informing" service, with the help of which SMS-messages with information about each transaction made using a child's card will be sent to his mobile phone. In addition, parents can control the spending of funds on a child card in the Internet Banking system, as well as receive an extract from a child card by e-mail.
    What operations can be carried out using a child card?

    With the help of children's cards, it is possible to perform almost the same operations that can be performed using ordinary cards, with the exception of some restrictions.

    Holders of children's cards aged 6 to 14 can make transactions that do not require a signature on the card check, but are confirmed by entering a PIN code. These operations include:

    • withdrawing cash from ATMs;
    • non-cash payments in Belarusian rubles for transactions of payment for goods and services;
    • making payment transactions at ATMs, self-service terminals and information kiosks (if the operation of viewing the balance on the card is not prohibited) on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
    • replenishment of the account only through the information kiosk (if the operation of viewing the balance on the card is not prohibited);
    • holders of children's cards between the ages of 14 and 18 can make all transactions without exception.
    Is it possible to issue a children's card in the name of someone else's child?

    For children under the age of 14, a children's card is issued only to the accounts of their legal representatives. For children over the age of 14, a children's card can be issued to the accounts of any third parties, without the consent of their legal representatives. Thus, if you are not the legal representative of the child, you can issue a children's card to your account in the name of the child only if the child is 14 years old.

    What should be done if the child loses the card?

    If the child has lost the card, or if suddenly an outsider has become aware of the PIN code, you must immediately report this to the customer support service by tel. 8 (017) 299-25-26. Then you need to make a written application to the bank.

    Available card operations in the mobile app:

    • Pay for mobile communication
    • Transfer money
    • Change PIN code
    Download for iOS Download for Android
    Available card operations in the mobile app:

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