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    An easy way to start saving with the "Auto-replenishment" service

    If you want to regularly replenish your term deposit (deposit) opened with Belagroprombank without visiting the bank and without making any transactions on your own, then you can instruct the bank to do this for you. The bank, on the basis of the schedule for replenishment of the deposit (deposit) assigned by you, will transfer part of the salary (pension) from the card to your deposit (deposit).


    How it works?

    For example, you plan to regularly transfer part of your salary (pension) to a savings (deposit) account. Specify the amount for automatic transfer from the card to the savings (deposit) account, the date and frequency of transfers. Save automatically and get additional income on a savings (deposit) account!


    The main conditions of the "Auto-replenishment of the deposit" service:

    • the bank executes the application if there is sufficient amount on the client's card for the transfer;
    • the bank executes the application with the established frequency (week, month, quarter), from the date of commencement of the "Auto-replenishment of deposit" service;
    • if there are no funds on the card on the first day of the payment period, the bank attempts to execute the client's application within five business days from the start date of the payment period if there is a balance on the card;
    • the bank can send the result of the "Auto-replenishment of the deposit" service to your e-mail address, or you can activate the SMS-informing service on cards in order to control the execution of your assigned schedule by the bank;
    • the minimum payment amount is set at 1.00 (one) Belarusian ruble;
    • the term for crediting funds to the deposit (deposit) is no later than the next banking day after the execution of the application.


    The bank does not provide the "Auto-replenishment of the deposit" service in the following cases:

    • lack of funds on the card in sufficient amount;
    • expiration of the card or if the card is in the stop list;
    • three banking days before the expiration of the deposit or in case of early closing of the deposit;
    • in case of termination of acceptance of additional contributions to the deposit (deposit).



    You can activate the service in the subdivision of Belagroprombank JSC, where a deposit (deposit) account is opened, you must have an identity document with you.

    The service is provided free of charge.

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