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Deposit “More Stability” 




Type of bank deposit: fixed-term, revocable.

Currency of deposit: Belarusian rubles, USD, EUR, Russian rubles.

The deposit can be opened at the bank’s office and via the RBSS.

Deposit tenor:  95, 185, 370, 735, 1110 calendar days.

Minimum initial deposit:

  • In Belarusian rubles: 50 Belarusian rubles;
  • in USD: 25 USD;
  • in EUR: 25 EUR;
  • in Russian rubles: 2 000 Russian rubles.

Availability of the top-up option for the deposit is subject to tenor of the deposit set forth in the Deposit Agreement:

  • Tenor of 95 calendar days – available within the first 60 calendar days;
  • Tenor of 185 calendar days – available within the first 150 calendar days;
  • Tenor of 370 calendar days – available within the first 335 calendar days;
  • Tenor of 735 calendar days – available within the first 365 calendar days;
  • Tenor of 1110 calendar days – available within the first 740 calendar days;
  • A variable interest rate is applicable to deposit in Belarusian rubles.

A fixed annual interest rate is applicable to deposits in USD, EUR and Russian rubles.

Currency Interest rate, subject to tenor % per annum
35 days 95 days 185 days 370 days 735 days 1110 days
Belarusian rubles RR - 6,5 RR - 2,0 RR - 0,5 RR + 3,50 RR + 3,50 RR + 3,50
US dollars   0,15 0,15 0,5 0,7 0,5
Euro   0,15 0,15 0,5 0,5 0,2
Russian rubles 5,0 8,2   10,2 11,2 11,2 11,2

Accrual and payment of interest.

Interest on deposit is accrued and paid as follows:

For agreements concluded at the Bank’s office – monthly;

For agreements concluded via RBSS – twice a month.

Interest earned on deposit is paid out as per option chosen by the Depositor:

-    by adding to the deposit amount (capitalization);
-    by cashless transfer to the account specified by the Depositor in the application.

Premature partial withdrawal of the deposit amount is not permitted (except for the amounts of capitalized and unclaimed interest) before the maturity period.

The deposited may be returned prior to the maturity date (early termination of the Agreement) only upon the Depositor’s consent.

The interest rate used for interest recalculation purposes in case of premature withdrawal of deposit is the interest rate applicable to the “demand” deposit in the respective currency effective on the date of the transaction.

The option of extension of the deposit for a new term (equal to the original term of the deposit) is not available.

In case the deposit agreement was concluded via the RBSS, upon maturity of the deposit the funds are returned to the card account from which the funds were transferred upon opening of the deposit account or to the demand deposit account (if the card account is closed upon maturity of the deposit term), with monthly accrual and adding to the deposit account of interest earned in the amount set for the demand deposit in the respective currency.

A fixed-term bank deposit agreement can be concluded in the name of another person provided that the Agreement is concluded at the Bank’s office.

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