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Information on corporate restructuring of JSC Belagroprombank subsidiary enterprise – Agricultural Unitary Enterprise Ozeritsky-Agro

According to the subparagraph 19.1. of the paragraph 19 of the Instruction on disclosure of information on securities market approved by the decree of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus from 13.06.2016 No. 43, we would like to inform about reorganization of JSC Belagroprombank subsidiary company - Agricultural Unitary Enterprise Ozeritsky-Agro (UE Ozeritsky-Agro)

Full name, address and correspondence address of reorganized legal entity Agricultural Unitary Enterprise Ozeritsky-Agro (UE Ozeritsky-Agro), 222215,
Minsk region, Smolevichi district, village of Sloboda,
7 Tsentralnaya Str.
Type of reorganization Transformation into Joint-Stock Company Ozeritsky-Agro
Name of authorized person (body) taken decision on reorganization, and the date of decision Supervisory Board of JSC Belagroprombank December 12, 2016, Minutes №25
Order of shares distribution among the participants of Joint-Stock Company in the time of reorganization JSC Belagroprombank is going to be one shareholder in the time of transformation of UE Ozeritsky-Agro into the joint-stock company
State registration date of company established due to reorganization; date of making an entry into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs on termination of acceding company activity December 16, 2016
Full name, address and tax identification number of depository of the issuer (professional participant) Joint-Stock Company Belagroprombank,
220036, Minsk, 3 Zhukov Аve.
Taxpayer’s ID number 100693551


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