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Belagroprombank will forward EUR 50 million from European Investment Bank for development of SMEs

On February 14th, 2019 Belagroprombank has become the first bank in the Republic of Belarus who received the funds of the European Investment Bank (EIB). This project is the debut for Belagroprombank as well as for EIB within the framework of cooperation with the Republic of Belarus.

On November 20th, 2018 at the Government House Belagroprombank and EIB signed an agreement, and already in February 2019 the first tranche has arrived in the Republic of Belarus.

Since the signing of the Agreement between Belagroprombank and EIB till present, Belagroprombank has been systematically working on the implementation of the Financial Contract. 50 million euros, received on unique terms and conditions, will be used to finance projects of SMEs. The clients of Belagroprombank can forward these resources for purchase, modernization or upgrade of equipment, for replenishment of working capital as well as for other purposes.

The peculiarity of the structure of the transaction is that the funds are attracted in the total amount just upon the fulfillment of the formal procedures.

The implemented transaction will not only maintain a positive dynamics of foreign investing into the belarussian economy, but also raise the level of investment attractiveness of the Republic of Belarus as a whole and of the banking system in particular. The amount of borrowed funds as well as the tenor of the transaction will fully contribute to the development of the potential of small and medium business in Belarus.

The long-term experience of Belagroprombank in the implementation of such transactions allows it to broaden the geography of cooperation as well as to diversify the sources of such borrowings. Excellent payment discipline, stable activity at the market gives the possibility for the bank to realize unique projects, thereby increasing foreign investors credibility towards the Republic of Belarus as a whole.

Belagroprombank thanks the team of the European Investment Bank as well as all the participants of the project and congratulates upon its successful implementation.

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