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    Deposit "Moneybox"

    Fixed-term revocable bank deposit "Moneybox".

    • Deposit currency EUR
    • Deposit type Revocable
    • Amount from 5.0 EUR
    • Type of bank deposit agreement Fixed-term revocable
    • Currency of deposit euro
    • Method of opening a deposit Mobile Internet banking (service “Moneybox”)
    • Period of storage of funds 1110 calendar days
    • The amount of the minimum initial contribution 5.0 euro
    • Type of interest rate Flexible

    Addition to the deposit

    • During the entire period of the deposit).

    The Bank has the right to unilaterally terminate (suspend) the acceptance of additional contributions to the deposit.

    The amount of credit transactions on a deposit when they are made in cash or by non-cash transfer in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus cannot be less than 5.0 euro.

    Procedure for accrual and payment of interest:

    • Interest on a deposit is accrued monthly
    • Interest on the deposit is paid adding to the amount of the deposit (capitalization)
    • Partial claim of the amount of the deposit Not provided
    • Early termination of the deposit Provided
    • The amount of the interest rate used for the recalculation of interest in case of early return of the deposit In case of early termination of the agreement, interest for the last 30 calendar days, not counting the day of closing (early termination) is calculated at the “on demand” rate in the deposit currency effective on the date of the operation. If the period of storage from the date of conclusion of the agreement inclusive to the day preceding the day of early return of the deposit was less than 30 calendar days, then the recalculation of interest at the rate "on demand" in the currency of the deposit is carried out from the date of conclusion of the agreement.
    • Extension of the deposit for a new term (similar to the initial term of the deposit) Not provided
    • Possibilities of concluding a deposit in the name of another person Not provided
    Currency Interest rate by terms of placement, % per annum
    from 1 to 1075 days of storage from 1076 to 1110 days of storage
    Euro 0,2 0,1

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