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    JSC Belagroprombank offers to use the possibilities of the system of international money transfers "Zolotaya Korona".

    With current directions for sending transfers: 

    • cash can be found here.
    • through remote banking systems (Internet banking, Mobile Internet banking) can be found here.

    The countries to which sending transfers to a bank payment card is available can be found here

    Transfer currency: Russian rubles.


    Currently, the payment of money transfers received in US dollars, euros, Russian and Belarusian rubles is made only in Russian rubles. Sending money transfers in Belarusian rubles within the Republic of Belarus is not carried out. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    Sending transfers to Tajikistan in RBSS is not available for technical reasons. Transfers in this direction can be made through the bank's divisions. In the country of destination, this transfer is paid through the CONTACT system.
    In accordance with the policy of the Zolotaya Korona system, it is prohibited to send and pay money transfers by minors under the age of 14.

    To send a transfer, it is enough:

    1. Come to a branch of the bank with a passport or other identity document (refugee certificate, residence permit in the Republic of Belarus, identification card of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus);
    2. Inform the full name of the recipient, the amount of the transfer, the country and city of receipt. When sending a transfer to a card - the full number of the recipient's bank payment card. It is not necessary to know the exact address of residence. Your recipient will be able to choose at what point it is more convenient for him to receive money, since Zolotaya Korona transfers are address less (without being tied to a specific point of receipt).
    3. After sending the transfer, tell the recipient of the funds the control number of the transfer, containing from 9 to 11 digits.
    Тарифы при отправлении переводов «Золотая Корона» из Республики Беларусь.
    Направление перевода Плата за перевод
    Беларусь 1% (min. 1 бел.рубль)
    Россия 1 % (max. 1000 рос. рублей/20 долларов США/
    15 евро)
    Кыргызстан, Таджикистан 1 % (max. 1000 рос. рублей/ 30 долларов США/
    30 евро)
    Азербайджан, Болгария, Великобритания, Вьетнам, Греция, Грузия, Египет, Израиль, Иордания, Казахстан, Кипр, Латвия, Литва, Молдова, Нигерия, Турция, Узбекистан, Франция, Чехия, Швеция, Эстония 1 %
    Бельгия, Германия, Испания, Македония, Сербия, Черногория 1,5 %
    Корея 10 долларов США


    (max.25 долларов США)

    Россия (на карточку) 1 %
    Украина (на карточку) 1,5 %
    Краткие условия осуществления переводов «Золотая корона» посредством «Интернет-банкинга» и «Мобильного интернет-банкинга»

    To receive a transfer, you must:

    1. Come to a branch of the bank with a passport or other identity document (refugee certificate, residence permit in the Republic of Belarus, identification card of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus);
    2. Report the control number, containing from 9 to 11 digits, and the transfer amount.

    Brief conditions for making "Zolotaya Korona" transfers through "Internet banking" and "Mobile Internet banking"

    No remuneration is charged from the recipient for the payment of the Zolotaya Korona transfer.

    You can check the status of the transfer, knowing its control number, on the official website of the Zolotaya Korona system - koronapay.com.

    Payment of the transfer is not allowed in case of a discrepancy between the recipient's data in the Zolotaya Korona system and the presented identity document. To make changes to the details of the transfer, the sender of the transfer must contact the point of sending the transfer.

    A transfer unclaimed by the recipient can be returned in any structural subdivision of the bank on the basis of the sender's application for the return of the sent transfer. The transfer can be received, returned by the sender, if it has not been paid to the recipient, within 60 calendar days from the date the transfer was accepted for execution. After this period, the transfer is canceled by the Zolotaya Korona system and stored in the service for 3 years. During this period of time, the transfer can be restored for return to the sender or for payment to the recipient (the sender can clarify detailed information at the Information Center of the Zolotaya Korona system by phone +7-495-960-0555 or at a bank branch).

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