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    The Unreal Card virtual bank payment card will provide a new level of freedom and safety while making purchases both over the Internet and at conventional trade and service enterprises thanks to modern mobile payment services (Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Garmin Pay.

    Possessing all the advantages of the Visa Classic international card, the Unreal Card does not have a physical bearer, which means that it is not required to go to the bank to get it.

    How to apply for and get a virtual card?

    You can apply for and get an Unreal Card for free through Internet banking or Mobile Internet banking.

    The card is activated within a few hours but when it is issued on days off - no later than the next working day.

    After the card becomes active (and is displayed in Internet banking and Mobile Internet Banking), you can also get its details remotely.

    To do this, sel ect the desired card in Mobile Internet Banking and click on “Get CVV2 code” or “Get a card number” in the menu item “Transactions”.

    In Internet banking, go to the menu item “Cards”/ “Card Management” on the left, then sel ect the desired card and click on “Get a card number”.

    With the help of an Unreal Card you can:

    • easily and safely make payments over the Internet, including – with the use of modern 3D-Secure technology (Verified by VISA) which can be enables in the “Internet Banking” system or Mobile Internet Banking.
    • add it to the Mobile Payment Service (Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Garmin Pay) and make contactless payments for purchases at trade and service enterprises with the use of a mobile phone;
    • carry out transactions and control your accounts in the bank’s remote service systems (Internet banking, Mobile Internet banking), it is especially convenient to open online deposits with this card.

    You can replenish an Unreal Card free of charge using Internet banking, Mobile Internet banking or self-service machines by instant transfer fr om your other card issued by Belagroprombank.

    With the cards of other banks you can replenish an Unreal card in the SSIS system through remote service channels of another bank.

    Why do you need an Unreal Card?

    • if you want to make payments over the Internet without risking the details of your payroll card or other main card. In this case, it is recommended not to keep large amounts of money on it but to replenish it with the amount for the planned transaction. Before the first use, it is recommended to immediately enable the 3D-Secure (Verified by VISA) service, which will allow you to protect transactions over the Internet with an additional SMS code.
    • if you want to open an online deposit with Belagroprombank, but you do not have another card in the desired currency. After the deposit period expires, it will return to an Unreal card and it will be possible to promptly dispose of it.
    • if you like to use the remote services of Belagroprombank, but you receive pay fr om another bank. In this case, you can issue an Unreal card and replenish it through the SSIS in the application of your payroll bank;
    • if you need a card quickly and without visiting the bank, you want to use it through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Garmin Pay, the Unreal card will also be the best solution to this problem.

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