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    Koshelek Pay is a mobile payment service for Android smartphones with NFC (including Huawei / Honor smartphones).

    As of March 23, 2022, contactless payment with Visa cards using the Wallet app is not available.

    By downloading the Koshelek Pay application and adding the details of your Belagroprombank Mastercard or Visa, you can pay for purchases in stores with contactless payment terminals.

    The principle of the service is based on replacing the real card number with a digital token when making payments, just like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay.

    You can also add not only payment cards to the Wallet app, but also discount cards, gift certificates, tickets and coupons so that they are always at hand.

    How to add a card to Koshelek Pay on a smartphone?

    To add a bank card to the Koshelek Pay:

    1. Install the Koshelek Pay from the official application store of the manufacturer of the mobile device or mobile operating system:

    • Google Play – for smartphones with Android OS;
    • Huawei App Gallery – for Huawei / Honor smartphones;
    • Samsung Galaxy Store – for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


    2. Select “Bank Cards” in the Koshelek Pay in the “Add Card” tab.

    3. Enter the card details manually or read the details using the phone’s NFC module.

    4. To activate the contactless payment function for the added card, accept the terms of the user agreement in the Koshelek Pay and enter the confirmation code fr om the SMS.

    How do I pay for purchases with Koshelek Pay?

    To make contactless payments using Koshelek Pay in stores:

    1. Wake up the phone from sleep mode.

    2. Bring the phone to the contactless payment terminal. If the card data is read by the terminal, the confirmation “The card has been read. Wait for the terminal to respond” will appear on the phone screen.

    3. In some stores, you may need to enter your PIN at the point-of-sale (POS) terminal and / or sign the printed receipt to confirm your purchase.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I know if my phone can be used for payment?

    To make contactless payments for purchases, you need a phone with an NFC module and an Android operating system version 5.0 or higher. Koshelek Pay must be installed from the official store of the device manufacturer or mobile OS (Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, Samsung Galaxy Store, etc.).

    If you have already installed the Koshelek Pay and added a bank card to it, but still cannot pay using your phone, follow the steps below:

    - Make sure your phone’s software and hardware meet the requirements:

    • Android operating system version 5.0 and higher (for Android devices).
    • NFC support.

    - Determine if NFC is supported and enable it:

    • Open your phone settings.
    • Sel ect “Connected Devices”. If not, see if there is one of the following sections: “Wireless Networks”, “Connections”, or “NFC”. Tap “More” if necessary.
    • Check if there is an NFC function in the list that appears. If it is listed, you can pay with the Koshelek Pay in stores.

    - Enable NFC. Find the “NFC” section and enable this feature. The ability to activate NFC can also be found in other sections, for example – “NFC and Payment”.

    Note. The procedure may vary depending on your phone model and OS version.

    What will happen to the cards in the Koshelek Pay if I disable the smartphone password, pattern, or fingerprint?

    Until your phone is secured, the ability to pay for purchases using Koshelek Pay will not be available. We will ask you to enable phone protection.

    Where can I pay with Koshelek Pay?

    Pay with Koshelek Pay wherever contactless payments are accepted. You can also use Koshelek Pay to pay for purchases in the Koshelek Pay.

    How much does it cost to use Koshelek Pay?

    Using Koshelek Pay is free. The terms of service of your plastic card do not change and correspond to the bank’s tariffs.

    Will Koshelek Pay work for me if Samsung Pay / Google Pay is installed on my smartphone?

    The Koshelek Pay will work. To do this, you need to sel ect Koshelek Pay in the smartphone settings as the main payment application.

    What cards can I add to my Koshelek Pay?

    Mastercard World O-GO!
    Mastercard Unembossed;
    Mastercard Unembossed “Prikosnoveniya”;
    Mastercard Unembossed “Motsnaya Kartka”;
    Mastercard Standard;
    Mastercard Gold;
    Mastercard Gold “Motsnaya Kartka”;
    Mastercard Gold “Prikosnoveniya”;
    Mastercard Business;
    Mastercard World  "Supersila";
    within the product “Deposit card” cards Mastercard Standard “Sberegatelnaya” and Mastercard Unembossed (non-personalized);
    within the product “Depositnyi koshelek 2.0” cards Mastercard Standard “Sberegatelnaya” and Mastercard Gold “Sberegatelnaya”;
    Mastercard “Kreditka sa znizhkay” (Mastercard Unembossed Credit);
    Mastercard Standard "PerekrestOK"

    Visa Electron Debit;
    Visa Classic;
    Visa Gold;
    Visa Platinum;
    Visa Infinite;
    Visa Business;
    unreal card;
    Visa Instant;
    Visa Electron Credit;
    Visa Classic Drive

    Can I add a card to my watch and pay for purchases using Koshelek Pay?

    There is no such possibility yet. We are working to implement it in the future.

    How to pay in shops with a card added to the Koshelek Pay?

    Koshelek Pay can be used for contactless payments in any stores wh ere there are special contactless payment terminals.

    - Wake up your phone fr om sleep mode.

    - Bring your phone to the contactless payment terminal. If the card data is read by the terminal, a confirmation will appear on the phone screen: “The card has been read. Wait for the terminal to respond.”

    Here is what you can do if confirmation does not appear:


    • Try changing the position of the phone. The NFC antenna can be located either at the top or at the bottom of it.
    • Bring the phone closer to the terminal. Keep your phone at the terminal longer than usual.


    If there is confirmation, but, according to the cashier, the purchase has not been paid, make sure that the store accepts contactless payments and contact your bank.

    - In some stores, you may need to enter your PIN at the POS terminal and / or sign your receipt to confirm your purchase. In this case, follow the instructions on the screen of the POS terminal.


    I have an iPhone. Can I pay for purchases with my phone in stores using Koshelek Pay?

    No, but you can add your bank card and use it to pay for purchases in the Koshelek Pay.

    Can I pay for purchases abroad?

    Yes, in any store that has contactless payment terminals.

    How do I pay with Koshelek Pay online?

    This feature is not yet supported.

    I have added several cards to the Koshelek Pay. How can I understand which card is used to pay?

    The first card that you add to the Koshelek Pay becomes the main card. It is fr om it that funds are debited when you pay through our service in stores.

    To set another added card as the main one:

    - Open the card menu.

    - Set the switch “Set as default card”.

    Do I need an Internet connection to pay for purchases with Koshelek Pay?

    Koshelek Pay does not require a continuous phone connection to the Internet and allows you to complete multiple transactions offline. The maximum number of transactions without an Internet connection is 24. In order to be able to pay again after 24 transactions, you need a short-term Internet connection.

    Is it possible to pay using the application if the smartphone is turned off / completely discharged?

    No, it is impossible.

    Do I need to enter my bank card PIN when paying?

    You may need to enter the bank card PIN only if the PIN code request is displayed on the POS terminal screen. Enter the PIN code of the card on the terminal keyboard.

    Is it possible to cancel a payment made through Koshelek Pay?

    To cancel the transaction, you need to contact the bank that issued your card.

    How to view transaction history?

    To view the history of contactless transactions in Koshelek Pay, open the “Transactions history” item in the side menu of the card.

    Deleting a card from the Koshelek Pay

    To delete a card, go to its menu, sel ect “Delete card” → “Delete card completely”. Confirm the deletion. Please note that deleting a card is irreversible.

    What will happen to a payment card if I delete its data from the Koshelek Pay?

    The payment card will continue to work. You can add it back to the Koshelek Pay at any time.

    What happens to the cards in the Koshelek Pay if I reset my phone to factory settings?

    Contactless payment will be unavailable, while your card details are saved in the account of the Koshelek Pay.

    About data security in the Koshelek Pay

    The data of bank cards that you add to the Koshelek Pay are protected in accordance with the international payment card industry security standard - PCI DSS. Additional security measures will help prevent possible data leakage if your phone is lost or stolen. Therefore, to ensure additional security of your payment data in the Koshelek Pay, we ask you to protect your smartphone by setting a password, short code, pattern or fingerprint login in the OS settings.

    Does Koshelek Pay have access to my bank account?

    No, the Koshelek Pay service does not have access to card data or to the card’s bank account.

    What will happen to the cards in the Koshelek Pay if I return my phone to the service?

    For security reasons, we recommend that you first reset your phone to factory settings; in this case, the data of your cards will be saved in the account of the Koshelek Pay.

    I lost my phone. What to do?

    Contact the support service of the bank that issued your card in any convenient way. Tell the bank’s support service that you want to block the card token loaded into your phone (the equivalent of your bank card in the Koshelek Pay service).

    I have lost my payment card. What to do?

    You need to notify the bank about the loss of your card as soon as possible in any convenient way. The bank will block the lost card. If the card is added to the Koshelek Pay, its token (the equivalent of your bank card in the Koshelek Pay service) will also be blocked in the phone.

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