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    BSEU students have visited JSC Belagroprombank


    On July 5, 2017 Belarus State Economic University students visited JSC Belagroprombank. The Bank representatives arranged an excursion in the museum, lecture in the Operations department of the Bank as well as an exciting lesson of the financial literacy.

    For the second consecutive year JSC Belagroprombank receives zetetic, smart and interested listeners – BSEU students. The purpose of the visit is acquaintance with JSC Belagroprombank, its history of establishment and development, banking products and services, special aspects of the banking activities.

    On July 5, 2017 more than 90 people gathered together in the Bank. They are future bank employees who even today would like to know a lot about peculiarities of such a prestigious profession. The main specialist of JSC Belagroprombank Personnel Department social development division Vera Bychkova told about its history of establishment, structure, and management, main areas of activity and social policy of the Bank.

    The first-year students of BSEU Finance and Banking Department in JSC Belagroprombank museum

    The lecture on working peculiarities with the Bank customers – individuals and legal entities was organized in the Operations department of JSC Belagroprombank. Students have known what kind of retail products JSC Belagroprombank has and products differences from other banks. There was a big interest to the information on bank card products, overdraft lending and personal management. For the moment students get the theory of banking industry and the visit to JSC Belagroprombank is close acquaintance with the Bank for many of them that is why the information from bank representatives who got financial theory in practice is so meaningful.

    Lecture for the students in JSC Belagroprombank Operations department

    Studies in higher educational establishment is the work of a student, – the Deputy Head of JSC Belagroprombank Operations Department Sergey Sergeev emphasized in his opening speech. – Thesis average mark is the mark of student’s work and employability. The higher is the mark the more employable, active and effective is the specialist coming to work. These are the qualities which are taken into account in hiring to the bank.

    The first meeting of the first-year students with the depository machine for delivering cash to a customer’s account

    The main specialist of Marketing and PR Department Tatyana Utlaya gives the lesson of financial literacy to the students for the second consecutive year. According to Tatiana BSEU students are the best listeners and active participants of interactive lectures, quizzes and competitions on financial literacy.

    The lesson of financial literacy from JSC Belagroprombank for BSEU students 

    Students take part in guessing game on financial theme

    This year for the lesson of financial literacy we have tried to concentrate more on interesting facts of financial theme rather than on concrete bank products, – Tatyana Utlaya describes. – That is why we have chosen such lesson forms as quizzes and games. It is easier and faster to catch on educational material actively.

    There was really interesting and cheerful in the conference hall of JSC Belagroprombank during the lesson of financial literacy. Participants of games and quizzes who were answering the questions correctly got gifts from the Bank: cardholders, Agrik toys and portable battery chargers for cellular phones.

    The first-year student of BSEU Nikita Tolkach has been motivated for the success in banking industry

    Of course, I am going to learn in details the banking sector but today I have known a considerable amount of useful, – the first-year student of BSEU Nikita Tolkach says. – My purpose in life is becoming a business coach and I would like to teach people how to earn money. That is why I want to work in bank, get to know better the economy in terms of the financial structure and understand mechanisms for obtaining revenue on work experience.

    Assistant Professor of BSEU Banking Department Alla Bogritsevich

    The introductory practical training in bank is very essential for the first-year students, –assistant professor of BSEU banking department Alla Bogritsevich points out. – Students have not had special disciplines yet and in order to they get an overview of banks, banking transactions, IT-technologies, products, the university tries to organize meetings with bank experts on a regular basis. It is no secret that sometimes even simple questions from the financial sphere bring students to a nonplus. And the great value of similar lessons, excursions and lectures is that they allow students quicker and more effectively to become familiar with the bank and financial issues.

    The first-year students of BSEU Finance and Banking Department visiting JSC Belagroprombank

    JSC Belagroprombank gives thanks to the students for an active participation in the lesson of financial literacy from JSC Belagroprombank and wishes all excellent studies and professional success!

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