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    About the Supervisory Board of JSC Belagroprombank

    The Supervisory Board of JSC Belagroprombank (hereinafter referred to as the bank) is a collegial management body of the bank that carries out general management of the bank’s activities, with the exception of resolving issues referred by law and the Bank’s Articles to the competence of other management bodies of the bank.

    The bank's Supervisory Board consists of 11 persons, which corresponds to the bank's Articles: 3 of them are state representatives (27.3%), 4 are independent directors (36.4%).

    36.4% of the bank's Supervisory Board is women.

    The average age of members of the bank's supervisory board is 56.7 years.

    The requirements for candidates for the bank's Supervisory Board and the procedure for their selection are established by the Regulations on the Supervisory Board of JSC Belagroprombank.

    The bank's Supervisory Board annually conducts a self-assessment of the overall effectiveness of its work, a self-assessment of the activities of members of the bank's Supervisory Board, the results of which are taken into account when planning the training of members of the supervisory board and motivating their activities.
    The bank's Supervisory board carries out its activities in accordance with the law, the Articles of JSC Belagroprombank, the Regulations on the Supervisory Board of JSC Belagroprombank, other local legal acts of the bank and decisions of the General meeting of Shareholders of the bank.

    The Supervisory Board operates on a planned basis.

    The main functions of the bank's Supervisory Board are:

    • issues of general management of the bank's activities;
    • issues related to human resources competencies;
    • issues related to holding a General meeting of Shareholders;
    • issues related to the issue and acquisition of securities;
    • issues related to bank’s property and transactions;
    • issues related to separate divisions and legal entities;
    • making decisions and approving other documents, including local legal acts of the bank, aimed at implementing the competencies of the Supervisory Board provided for by law, the Articles of the bank, local legal acts of the bank,
    • and other.

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