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    Dear clients, stay alert!


    Dear clients!

    Recently, cases of unauthorized access to personal data of cardholders have become more frequent! In particular, a new so-called “telephone fraud” is spread, when a fraudster calls the client, introducing himself as an employee of the bank or processing centre, asks to provide personal information (passport data, mother's maiden name, etc.), bank payment card number, login and password from remote banking systems, SMS-codes, etc., and then the fraudster uses fraudulently obtained information to perform unauthorized operations on the client’s account.

    Usually, fraudsters use contact phone numbers placed in open sources of information on the Internet: on the websites specializing in placement of announcements on purchase and sale of goods, in social networks profiles, etc.

    In this regard, we strongly recommend you never disclose to third parties the information about your bank card details, as well as logins, passwords, one-time access codes, session keys to Internet banking and mobile applications, do not click on suspicious links from SMS messages and carefully check the profile and identity of the sender!

    If the fraudsters managed to get your card details, you need to block the card as soon as possible in order to prevent theft of funds! This can be done with the help of a 24-hour JSC Bank Processing Centre by calling +375 (17) 299-25-25 or independently in the Internet banking / mobile application.

    Remember! If you have any doubts about the calls of unknown persons with requests to clarify your data, you need to call the short number 136 of the Bank Contact Centre or the following numbers:

    +375 (17) 218 57 77;

    +375 (29) 198 57 77 (velcom);

    +375 (29) 888 57 77 (МТС);

    +375 (25) 999 57 77 (Life:).

    Calls from landline and a mobile phone (Life:), Velcom, МТS) as per mobile service provider’s rates.

    Contact Centre - Opening Hours:

    8.00-20.00 on week days;

    8.00-18.00 on days off and holidays.

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