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The benefits of the salary-related services provided by JSC Belagroprombank:

- Reduction of costs associated with salary payment (receipt, delivery and storage of cash; number of employees involved in the salary payment process).

- Automation of the process of salary payments and other payments via the remote servicing system “Client-Bank” allows facilitating the salary payment process (based on a payment order and a list for payroll accounting in the electronic form) subject to absolute confidentiality of payments. The system supports the primary accounting and office programs.

- Creation of the company’s image as an advanced company using modern technologies.

- The possibility to enhance the company’s social policy through the services offered by our bank - “Insurance Factory” project.

- The possibility to install a cash machine and payment terminals within an enterprise’s premises, (for example, for cashless payments for lunches at the company’s canteen), which makes it convenient to service the employees and creates a positive image of the enterprise.

- Employees of an enterprise are offered a unique product – the Salary package which includes the salary card as well as the savings tool, the possibility of cashless payments for goods and services, connection to the Internet Banking, SMS-Alert service, loans on special terms and conditions.

- The possibility to use the salary scheme with an overdraft facility option reduces the employees’ sensitivity to the frequency and size of salary payments.

- The possibility to use the “Payslips receipt” service - employees get access to their payslips in Internet Banking, infokiosks and mobile applications, which will enable an enterprise to reduce its costs associated with the preparation and issue of payslips.
There is no need to open a current (settlement) account with our Bank to sign up for the salary project; however, doing so can become the first step towards fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

How to sign up for the salary project

In order to make the payment of salary to employees using payment cards:

  •    An enterprise is required sign an agreement on cashless transfer of funds into individual accounts;
  •    Employees of an enterprise are required to select the type of Salary package, fill out the application-questionnaire and sign a salary agreement with the bank.

For detailed information please refer to branch offices of JSC Belagroprombank.

The following cards* are available to employees of an enterprise within the Salary Project:

Белкарт карточка BELCARD     BELCARD-PREMIUM-Maestro
Visa classic Visa Classic

    MasterCard Standard

Visa gold Visa Gold

    MasterCard Gold

visa platinum Visa Platinum


* the type of a card is specified in the salary transfer agreement signed with the company.

The benefits of the salary-related service for employees of an enterprise:
1. Keeping money safe and no need to keep substantial amounts of money on hand;

  • the possibility to use a salary card in Belarusian rubles to purchase foreign currency  cash and to perform cashless transactions in Belarus and abroad;
  • perform instant transfer of funds between cardholders, and the fee is not charged provided that the cards belong to one and the same cardholder;
  • the possibility to control transactions performed on the card through the SMS-Alert service (the bank sends SMS text messages on debit and credit transactions conducted on the card);
  • the possibility to freely manage the funds and perform free of charge ATM cash withdrawals at cash machines  of Belarusbank, Priorbank, Belinvestbank and BPS-Sberbank.
  • Issuing of a supplementary card (domestic, international) to family members, as well as to kids;

2. payment for goods, works (services) using cards at merchants, no fee.
3. operate their accounts online via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Internet Banking, through which you can repay the loan, top up deposits, as well as to pay utility bills, internet provider services etc.
4. as agreed with the bank, a short-term overdraft facility is available.
5. the possibility to get the salary card insured against fraudulent transactions.
6. issuing of a credit card on special terms and conditions (no guarantors required).

Detailed information on the Salary packages is available HERE.


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