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We know it's our job to provide you with the choice to meet your financial needs. We are ready to offer our knowledge and experience to help you make a choice in the world of plastic bank cards that meets your individual needs and desires.

Payroll service on the terms of the "Salary" package;

Benefits of payroll services at JSC Belagroprombank:

  • Costs associated with the issuance of wages are reduced (receipt, delivery and storage of cash; the number of employees employed in organizing the payment of wages).
  • Automation of the process of payment of wages and other payments using the remote banking system "Client-Bank" allows for the rapid transfer of wages (on the basis of a payment order and a list for enrollment in electronic form) while maintaining complete confidentiality of payments. The system is adapted to primary accounting and office programs.
  • • Formation of the company's image as progressive, using modern technologies for organizing work.
  • An opportunity to improve the company's social policy through the services of our bank - the «Bank Insurance project.».
  • Ability to install an ATM on the territory of the enterprise, payment terminals (for example, in the cafeteria of the enterprise for non-cash payment for meals) - the convenience of servicing employees plus a positive image of the enterprise.
  • The company's employees are provided with a unique product – the «Salary» packpage, which includes not only a salary card, but also an accumulation tool, the possibility of non-cash payment for goods and services, connection to the "Internet banking" system, the "SMS - informing" service, a loan on special conditions.
  • The possibility of using a payroll scheme with overdraft lending to employees reduces the sensitivity of staff to the regularity of payments and the number of wages.
  • • Opportunity to use the service "Getting a pay slip" - employees get access to their pay slips in Internet banking, information kiosks, mobile applications, which will reduce the cost of preparing and issuing pay slips by the enterprise
  • • The implementation of the payroll project does not require the obligatory opening of a current (settlement) bank account, but it can be the first step towards fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The procedure for the implementation of the payroll project

To pay wages to employees of the enterprise using payment cards, it is necessary:

  • for an enterprise — — to conclude an agreement on non-cash transfers of funds to the accounts of individuals;
  • for employees of the enterprise - choose the type of "Salary" package and fill in the application form, conclude a salary account agreement with the bank.

For any additional questions please contact the divisions of JSC Belagroprombank.

As part of the «Salary» packpage the bank offers the following cards* to employees of an enterprise (organization):

*the type of card is determined in the agreement on non-cash transfers of funds.

Benefits of payroll services for company employees:

1. Safety of money and no need to constantly keep significant amounts with you;

  • the ability to use a salary card issued in Belarusian rubles to buy foreign currency in cash and make non-cash payments not only on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, but also abroad;
  • make instant money transfers between cardholders, and transfers between cards of the same client - without charging a commission;
  • the ability to control card transactions using the «SMS-informing» service (the bank sends sms-messages about credits to the card and debit transactions made using the card);
  • the ability to freely dispose of money and at any time withdraw cash without commissions at ATMs of Belarusbank, Belinvestbank and Belgazprombank;
  • • registration of an additional card (national, international) for family members, including children.

2. . Manage your accounts via the Internet using the services «Internet banking», «Mobile banking», «Mobile Internet banking», with which it is possible to repay a loan and replenish term bank deposits, as well as pay for utilities, services of Internet providers and much more;

3. . In agreement with the bank, issue a short-term loan - overdraft;

4. Possibility of insurance of the salary card against fraudulent transactions;

5. . Registration of a credit card on special conditions (without guarantors).

Detailed information on the "Salary" package can be found HERE..

As part of payroll services, JSC Belagroprombank provides a client (legal entity, individual entrepreneur) with a range of services, including the enrollment and payment of wages and equivalent payments, other cash receipts of individuals under the concluded agreement on non-cash transfers to current (settlement) accounts to which bank payment cards of individuals are issued, opened as part of the «Salary» packpage.

Security alphabet

10 simple safety rules

  1. Do not leave the card in places where information about it may be available to unauthorized persons.
  2. Keep the card separate from PIN, cash and documents.
  3. Do not give your card number to anyone in order to avoid its use without your permission.
  4. Never give out your card details if you received a call and even from a so-called representative of a bank, a well-known trading company, a hotel, etc. Such a call may lead to a fraudulent transaction that you consider legitimate.
  5. Do not transfer the card to another person, except for employees of trade and service enterprises and banks for conducting card transactions.
  6. Never lose sight of your card when paying for purchases and bills in stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. If this happens, if you suspect that the information contained on the card could have been illegally copied, immediately contact the support service or contact the bank. Don't try to expose the scammers yourself.
  7. . Do not use the card for purchases through Internet sites that do not have special software to protect information about a bank card or that you do not trust.
  8. Never throw away card checks or slips, as they display the card number and information about the operation performed.
  9. When receiving money from an ATM, cover the keypad with your free hand when typing your PIN code. This will prevent scammers from spying on your PIN code or recording it on a video camera. If you suspect that the data from the card or the PIN code could be copied, contact the 24/7 support service or the bank, and, if necessary, block the card.
  10. 10. Check card transactions on a monthly basis based on the card account statement. In case of discrepancies, immediately contact the bank at the place where the card was received

Support service

You can contact support for the following questions:

  • loss of a bank card;
  • blocking (unblocking) of the card;
  • information about available funds on a bank card or account;
  • placing the card in the stop list.

For support of your bank card (Visa, MasterCard, Belcard), you can call the round-the-clock support service of Banking Processing Center OJSC 8 017 299 25 25 (26).

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