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Mobile acquiring


The main peculiarity of Mobile acquiring is the use of a compact mPOS terminal – a device for reading cards which is integrated with a tablet or a smart phone.

Benefits of mPOS terminal:
• compactability;
• lower cost compared to other terminals;
• possibility to perform payments anywhere in the Republic of Belarus where there is a mobile connection.


!! We pay your attention to the fact that this type of the terminal is absolutely safe in terms of working with cards!!

In accordance with the requirements of the MasterCard Worldwide International payment system, from 01.01.2017 onwards all newly registered terminal equipment installed at merchants must support contactless payments. Starting 01.01.2021, such functionality must be supported by all terminal equipment installed at merchants.

Operation description of mPOS terminal
It is not necessary to poses special experience to use a mobile terminal – it will be enough to launch a special application program on a smart phone / tablet, connect it to mPOS terminal via Bluetooth and follow further instructions.

What is really essential is that, in case of loss of mPOS terminal, a person who found it would not be able to perform operations with its use, as the terminal is configured to perform contactless operations together with a particular smart phone/tablet.

For safety reasons of the mobile terminal’s owner the access to the particular application program on the smart phone / tablet is possible, using a unique login and password. 

To begin to work with mPOS terminal it is necessary just to poses a smart phone or a tablet, running on the Android platform and having access to the Internet, pass a simple registration and a minimal terminal installation. Apply to the bank (active link to the Regional network) and get advice on this point.

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USD 2.5570 2.5870
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3.3000 4.2600

USD USD 2.5768
EUR Euro 2.6547
RUB 100 rus.rub. 4.2483
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Precious metal
currency value price
BYN 50г 11 800.00
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