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Accept payment for goods and services with cards in your store or website.


Benefits of acquiring at JSC «Belagroprombank»:

  • no turnover requirements
  • flexible tariff policy
  • possibility of integration with almost any cash register solution
  • modern and reliable equipment
  • acceptance of contactless payment technology
  • free e- mail reporting for any period
  • only 2 documents to connect acquiring

How quickly can you receive payments

Application processing
up to 3 business days
Installation and customization
up to 10 business days
Acceptance of payments and everything
is set!

We work with major payment systems

Application for acquiring services

Fill out the form or call our specialist and get answers to questions that will help you make the right choice


Additional Information

Acquiring is the activity of an acquiring bank, including settlements with trade and service organizations (OTS) for transactions using bank payment cards.

Acquiring allows you to provide your customers with the opportunity to pay for goods and services by bank transfer using cards.

Positive aspects of the product:

Fastness. The time for making payment transactions with cards is less than when using cash, since there is no need to count cash, issue change, etc., and when a client presents a contactless card, the payment time is reduced to 4-6 seconds.

Profitability. Shoppers who are not cash-strapped spend large sums of money and shop more frequently.
Competitiveness. The ability to pay by card is a familiar service for the buyer, the presence of which in your outlet will give you an additional advantage compared to your competitors who do not accept cards for payment.
Universality. Buyers can pay for goods and services in any currency, regardless of the currency type of a card.

Safety. When paying for goods and services with a card, the cashier does not work with cash, which reduces the likelihood of errors during settlements.

Fulfillment of legal requirements. The Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus and the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus No. 924/16 dated July 6, 2011 defines the list of outlets subject to mandatory equipment with payment terminals.

In accordance with the requirements of the international payment system MasterCard Worldwide from 01.01.2017, all newly registered terminal equipment installed in trade (service) organizations (hereinafter referred to as OTS) must provide the possibility of making contactless payments. At the same time, from 01.01.2021, all terminal equipment installed in the OTS must support this functionality.

For more detailed information about the service, please use an online application.

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