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A deposit certificate - a security certifying the amount of the deposit made to the bank, and the right of the depositor (legal entity, individual entrepreneur - holders of the certificate) to receive the amount of the deposit and interest on it after the expiration of the established period.

A deposit certificate is an alternative to a bank deposit. To purchase a deposit certificate, you do not need to open a deposit account.

JSC Belagroprombank issues nominal deposit certificates.

Benefits of a deposit certificate:

  • safety – the deposit certificate is issued on a special form with special protection methods;
  • in case of loss by the owner of the deposit certificate, another person will not be able to receive income from it or redeem it;
  • fixed interest rate, unchanged during the period of placement of funds;
  • the ability to independently determine the frequency of receiving interest on a deposit certificate when it is issued;
  • Possibility of payment before the expiration of the circulation period of the deposit certificate.
  • the possibility of using a deposit certificate as a pledge to secure obligations to the bank and other creditors
  • the possibility of transferring rights under a deposit certificate to another person
  • the possibility of using a deposit certificate as a compensation for repayment of debts to the bank and other creditors
  • Possibility to receive funds and interest on a deposit certificate at any center of banking services and at the Bank's Central Client-Office, regardless of where the deposit certificate was issued

You can get information on deposit certificates by calling 136.

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