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Tune in to modern business!

A reliable tool for managing the cash flows of your company is a corporate card.

Visa Business

The corporate bank payment card is issued in Belarussian rubles, US dollars and Euro and in Russian rubles

Masterсard Business

The corporate bank payment card is issued in Belarussian rubles, US dollars, Euro


The corporate bank payment card is issued in Belarusian rubles

A corporate card is always there!

  • Service in Belarus and abroad
  • Travel and hospitality expenses
  • Household expenses
  • Fuel
  • Payments worldwide 24/7
  • Cashless payments and receiving cash currency for payment


  • No expenses for collection and storage of cash.
  • Depositing cash into the account through self-service devices.
  • Booking hotels/tickets via the Internet.
  • Cost control through remote banking.
  • Blocking of the card and safety of money if the card is lost or stolen.
  • Possibility to promptly replenish the account of a seconded employee.
  • No need to declare the funds on the card when traveling abroad, there is no need to buy foreign currency for business trips abroad - the money on the card is automatically converted at the bank's rate.
  • Free issuance and maintenance of corporate cards in PACKAGES OF SERVICES and "Do It Yourself"

How to apply?

  • Submit an application for opening a bank account and documents required for opening an account.
  • Choose a card payment system. If you are connected to the “SERVICE PACKAGES” or the “Do It Yourself” Program, you will be provided with an unlimited number of BELCARD payment system cards, as well as, depending on the package, VISA or MasterCard international payment system cards.
  • Provide an application-questionnaire "Personal data of an employee of the enterprise" and a power of attorney for each holder of a corporate card. In the case of issuing a corporate card to an authorized employee of the account holder - a power of attorney to receive inventory items, a settlement or cash document confirming the payment of remuneration for servicing corporate cards.

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