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Subsystem “Internet-Client”

  •   does not require installation of a client part that allows clients, having installed means of cryptographic information security, to set up any computer connected to the Internet for the use of a subsystem;
  •   provides access to information on bank accounts in real time within 24 hours a day;
  •   allows to create templates of often made documents;

For the use of subsystem “Internet-Client” it is enough for client to have a computer with the Internet access and the Web browser.
Minimum technical requirements

  •     An Internet access (;
  •     An operating system Windows 7 and above;
  •     Internet Explorer 8 and above; Opera 13.0 and above; Google Chrome 37 and above; Mozilla Firefox 33 and above;
  •     Data base of the cryptographical information security system used by the bank (AvestCSPBase with USBAveToken).

To connect to the “Internet-Client” subsystem it is necessary:

  • to study the following documents:
  1.   Terms and conditions of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs service with the use of subsystem “Internet-Client” of E-banking system in JSC Belagroprombank,
  2.   FEE GUIDE JSC Belagroprombank;
  • to submit to the Bank an Application for the installation of a subsystem “Internet-Client”;
  • to receive in the Bank a removable media device for record and storage of EDS (Electronic Digital Signature) personal keys and generate EDS for the people authorized to sign the documents transferred with the use of E-banking system or provide information on the use of EDS keys certificates registered in the State control system of EDS public verification keys of the Republic of Belarus (in this case it is necessary to provide an additional printed output of a public key card);
  • to install the specialized software for work with EDS;
  • to test readiness of your software and hardware for the subsystem installation (if necessary – jointly with specialists of the Bank), as appropriate to equip additionally a workplace;
  • to start to work in the subsystem “Internet-Client” taking into account the recommendations and requirements provided in the Conditions.

It is possible to examine work of the subsystem “Internet-Client” in a demo version under the test user:

login: testbapb, password: BAPB_p123456

We draw your attention to while you are working in the demo version of a subsystem “Internet-Client”:

  •   the entered data are remained in system till the moment of its updating and can be available to other users who are studying system capabilities if you do not remove them
  •   the functionality of the demo version is a little limited (it is impossible to make a statement, sign and send the document), but it completely shows “Internet-Client” subsystem capabilities.


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