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E-banking system

E-banking system - is a multifunctional software and hardware that enables bank customers to complete and submit to the Bank for execution documents for payment and other documents, monitor the status of their accounts, and receive a wide range of relevant financial information without directing the bank.

There is no need to bring to the Bank payment and other documents on paper - documents in electronic form have a similar force, and instead of the usual signature on them digital signature is used.

Benefits of using e-banking system:

  •  Efficiency and profitability. Using the e-banking system allows managing the financial flows of the company from the office and significantly reduces the cost of working time associated with a visit to the Bank.
  •  Simplicity and convenience. Automating the process of preparation of payment and other documents, as well as the presence of the software control for completing the mandatory details in the documents greatly simplifies the use of subsystems and minimizes operational errors.
  •  Safety and efficiency. E-banking increases the security and confidentiality of workflow with the Bank; at any time to obtain an extract containing information on all incoming and outgoing documents in a larger format, without visiting the Bank.

To ensure maximum safety of operations of its customers and the confidentiality of transmitted information via communication channels the Bank uses the latest hardware and software:

  •  protection with a password that restricts access to the subsystem;
  •  encryption of electronic documents for their protection during the interception of communications channels;
  •  use of digital signature of documents.

When receiving documents transmitted in electronic form, the Bank checks the digital signature on each received document. Thus, when properly stored private key cryptographic protection of information documents are protected from fraud and unwanted viewing.

The Bank’s message to the legal entities, individual entrepreneurs being clients of JSC Belagroprombank E-banking system.

Based upon the needs of “Small and Medium Enterprises” clients, the Bank offers service with the use of E-banking system, subsystem “Internet-Client”.

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