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     Acquiring service
     Letters of credit and bank guarantees
     Cash and settlement service
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          European Investment Bank funding for small and medium-sized businesses
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     Bond issue
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     The Bank's management
     Representative office
     Disclosure of information
          Risk management System
          Reporting policy at JSC Belagroprombank and the bank holding company
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     Disclosure of information on the securities market
          Annual reports of the Bank, audit report on separate accounting (financial) statements
               Audit report on separate accounting (financial) statements
               Balance sheet
               Cash Flow Statement
               Profit and loss statement
               Statement of changes in equity
          Information on emission, suspension, reopening, ban on emission, declaration of emission void, emission (part of emission) cancellation
          Information on corporate restructuring or bank liquidation as well as corporate restructuring or liquidation of subsidiary and non-autonomous companies of the Bank
               Information on corporate restructuring of JSC Belagroprombank subsidiary enterprise – Agricultural Unitary Enterprise Ozeritsky-Agro
          Information on transactions to relation of which there is an interest of bank affiliates
          Information on transactions with 5% and above of issued ordinary shares
          Information on creation of security holders register, payment of bonds yield
     Bank activity
          International credit ratings
               Reference Information
          International cooperation
          Financials and Reporting
          Financial statement
     Submission of information to foreign tax authorities
     Redenomination 2016
     Bank contact information for shareholders
Individual customers
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          SP "Electronic Trading Platform" (Internet bonds)
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          ABC of security
               The list of countries with a high risk of fraud
          Contactless bank payment cards
     Investments in securities
          Lottery tickets
          Bank transactions and payments
     Real estate loans
          For individuals who are in need of better housing conditions (with subsidies)
          For the purchase of house sets produced in the Republic of Belarus
          Home construction loan
          Loan to finance purchase of housing bonds
          Mortgage loan
          Bank deposits for which the conclusion of new agreements is no longer available
          Deposit “More Savings”
          Deposit “More Stability”
          Time revocable bank deposit “Deposit Card”
          Precious metals
          Commemorative coins of the National Banks of the Republic
          Precious stones
     Safe custody
          Automated safe deposit service
          Closed safe custody
          Open safe custody
     Bank transfer
Corporate customers
     Сomprehensive depository service
     International wire transfers
     Safe custody
     Foreign-exchange transactions
          Transactions, carried out on the foreign exchange market
          Transactions, carried out on the over-the-counter foreign exchange market
               Forward transactions
     International trade finance
          Import Financing
               Direct financing
               Interbank Loan
               ECA-covered financing
     Precious stones
     Commemorative coins of NBRB
          Gold coins, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War
          Bond issue 259
     Acquiring service
          Internet acquiring
          Standard acquiring
          Integrated cash solutions
          Acquiring with cash issue
          Smart cash desk
          Terminal in smartphone
     Service packages for corporate clients LINE OF BUSINESS GROWTH
     The “Insurance Factory” Project - Insurance for legal entities
     Bullions of precious metals
     Documentary operations (letters of credit and bank guarantees)
          Guarantees and warranties
     Salary Package
          ABCs of Card Safety
          Corporate cards
     Cash and settlement services
          Immediate payments
          Remote banking services
          Service packages for corporate customers “BUSINESS STYLE”
          Opening a bank account
     Deposit certificates
     Merchant services
          Collection services
          Loans into the ongoing activity
          Loans for investment projects
          Financing of foreign trade contracts
               Foreign trade finance
               Project finance
          Export credits
          Preferential loans for housing construction
               Transfer of debt under preferential loan for the construction of housing for individuals
     Bond issue
Bank securities
Investments in securities
Special Offer “International Business with JSC Belagroprombank”
Financial institutions
     Opening and management of correspondent accounts
     Financial market transactions
     Investor Relations
          International credit ratings
          Debt capital market transactions
          Financial statement
     AML Policy
          The Policy of JSC Belagroprombank and Members of the Bank Holding on Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing of Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
     Documentary business
     Banknote operations
     Payment for banking operations
Branch network
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