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For individuals who are in need of better housing conditions (with subsidies)

The loan is provided to citizens who are improving their living conditions with the attraction of a subsidy for the construction (reconstruction) of residential premises.

Terms Description
Loan currency Belarusian rubles
Interest rate 13,0% (RR+3 p.p.)*
Minimum loan amount 1000,00 Belarusian rubles
Minimum loan amount The smallest of the values of the maximum normalized value of the dwelling specified in the extract from the decision on granting a subsidy, and the cost of construction of the dwelling
Loan term Up to 20 years
Confirmation Extract from the decision taken by the district (city) executive and administrative body or local administration on granting subsidies to repay the principal debt, to pay a part of the interest
Loan collateral a guarantee of at least 2 (two) individuals and mortgage of residential premises built using a loan;
Grace period It is possible to provide a deferment of the start of repayment of the loan (repayment of the principal) for up to 1.5 years
Loan application review period: 4 business days

* The interest rate for the use of the loan is variable, and it changes on the day of the change in the refinancing rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

The package of documents required for a loan with the attraction of a subsidy shall be submitted by individuals who are in need of better housing conditions:

•    in regions and regional centers, with the exception of the city of Minsk -  to the Regional Directorate of the Bank or their structural subdivisions in the region in which the decision to grant the subsidy was made;
•    in Minsk - at the Central Client Service Office or Minsk Regional Directorate of JSC Belagroprombank.

The package of documents required for the consideration of the application form

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