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Golden Crown

JSC Belagroprombank offers its customers the system of international money transfers “Golden Crown”.

The International Money Transfer “Golden Crown” is a wide network of service points located in the following countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Vietnam, Greece, Georgia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Nepal, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France, the Czech Republic.

Currency of a transfer: US dollars/ euro/ Russian rubles.

To initiate a money transfer the sender needs:

  1. To apply to the bank’s branch with a passport or any other certificate of identification (refugee certificate, residence permit);
  2. To submit the recipient’s name and surname, transfer amount, country and city of the recipient. It is not necessary to know the exact address of the recipient.  recipient will be able to choose at what branch to receive the funds as the international money transfers “Golden Crown” are addressless (without connection to a definite service point).
  3. After initiation of the transfer the sender should inform the recipient about the checking transfer number.

The service fee for the sender depends on the country of the sender.

Fees for the international money transfers “Golden Crown” from the Republic of Belarus.

To receive a money transfer the recipient needs:

  1. To apply to the bank’s branch with a passport or any other certificate of identification (refugee certificate, residence permit);
  2. To provide the checking transfer number and the transfer amount.

The receiver of the transfer “Golden Crown” should not pay any additional fees.

It is possible to check the transfer status, provided you know its checking number, at the official web-site of the system “Golden Crown” -

The repayment of the transfer is not performed when there is discrepancy between the recipient’s data in the system “Golden Crown” and the submitted certificate of identification. To make all the necessary changes in the transfer’s data the sender of the transfer has to apply to the service point.

The unclaimed money transfer can be returned in any bank’s branch on the basis of the recipient’s application for the return of the sent money transfer. The money transfer can be received, returned by the sender, provided it has not been paid off to the recipient within 60 calendar days from the date of initiation of the transfer. After this period the transfer is terminated by the system “Golden Crown” and is kept in the system within 3 years. The transfer can be restored for the payoff to the recipient or for the return to the sender, provided the sender applies to the system “Golden Crown”.

More detailed information on the international bank transfers “Golden Crown” with JSC Belagroprombank can be received by phone: 136.

List of Belagroprombank’s branches which offer the international money transfers through the system “Golden Crown”.

Dear clients,

Send or receive money transfers “Golden Crown” in the period 1 November 2017 through 31 January 2018 at offices of JSC Belagroprombank and participate in the promotion “Golden Crown – get closer to your dream!”.

The Grand Prize is the gift certificate for BYN 2000 at the store chain of household appliances and electronics “5 element”. Besides the Grand Prize, incentive prizes will also be available: 3 certificates for BYN 1000 each, 3 certificates for BYN 500 each and 35 certificates for BYN 100 each.

The more transfers you make, the more chances of winning you get!

To participate in the draw you need to make a money transfer transactions for the amount starting from USD 200 / EUR 200 / RUR 10 000.

If more than one “Golden Crown” money transfer transaction is made, each transaction enters the prize draw provided it meets the eligibility requirements of the promotion campaign.

Detailed information on the promotion has been published in the newspaper “The Komsomolskaya Pravda” v Belorussii” No.205 (circulation No.32500) dd.31.10.2017. For further information you can also call 136.

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