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Western Union

We inform you that from February 23, 2022, for technical reasons, money transfers through the international payment system “Western Union” have been temporarily suspended.

IIn case of urgent need to transfer US dollars anywhere in the world or US dollars and Russian rubles to the Russian Federation JSC Belagroprombank offers the international payment system Western Union.

Just in few minutes the funds will be available to the recipient anywhere in the world at the Western Union agent locations.

Currently there are more than  500 thousand branches of customer service in more than 200 countries worldwide.

If you wish to make a transfer, there is no need to open an account with the bank. Simply take  the following steps:

1.    Search for an agent location of “Western Union”;
2.    Complete the Send Money or receive Money Form;
3.    Provide a passport or any other identity document (refugee certificate, residence permit);
4.    After the transfer, provide the recipient with the tracking number of the transfer.

FEES for transferring funds abroad using the system “Western Union” (in US dollars)
FEES for transferring funds to the Russian Federation using the system “Western Union” (in Russian rubles)

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EUR Euro 2.6308
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Precious metal
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BYN 50г 11 800.00
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