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Open safe custody

Customers can store their valuables using open safe custody service offered by JSC Belagroprombank.

Under open safe custody service, the bank will take care of safe custody of the client’s valuables (including bonds and savings (deposit) certificates sold by the bank) in the bank’s depositary separately from the bank’s valuables and return them intact upon expiry of the Custody document on the acceptance of items for open safe custody.

For the clients’ valuables to be accepted for open safe custody, it is necessary to present the client’s identification document, fill in the safe deposit box application form, sign a Custody document Custody document on the acceptance of items for open safe custody in the established format and pay the fee as per the Fee Guide of JSC Belagroprombank.


Terms & conditions of the agreement for open safe custody for securities (for agreements consluded before 01.04.2021)
Terms and conditions of open safe custody agreement (for agreements signed before 01 04 2021)
Terms & conditions on acceptance of items for open safe custody by JSC Belagroprombank

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Precious metal
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