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TV-banking – is a system of remote service for clients of JSC Belagroprombank (further – Bank) with the use of interactive television «ZALA» RUE «Beltelecom».

To use the system it is necessary:
• to be a holder of the Bank’s card*;
• to be a subscriber of the interactive television «ZALA»;
• to be a subscriber of one of the mobile operators – «life:)», «MTS», «VELCOM».
* it is possible to work in the system with all the active cards of the Bank, except for additional and corporate cards.

To connect to the service «ТV-banking» is possible:

1) by applying to any branch of the Bank;
When applying to the branch of the Bank a client should:
• learn the Rules for the use of the service «ТV- banking»;
• create a login to enter the system and provide it to check its uniqueness to the bank’s employee;
• fill in an application to connect to the service «ТV-banking».
When connecting to the service by such a method the Bank does not charge the fee.

2) individually through the infokiosk.
When connecting to the service through the infokiosk a client should:
• enter the card into the device and enter the PIN;
• enter the menu item «PAYMENTS – Bank’s services – Registration of the service «TV-banking» and register in the system.
After the successful registration in the system you will get a card-check with all the required data. We pay your attention, that the password, that you enter while connecting, for safety reasons is not printed on the card-check, so you have to remember it.
When connecting to the service by such a method the Bank charges the fee in the amount of 100 (one hundred) Belarusian rubles.

A short maintenance guide

1. Enter the information portal ZALA, choose the item «Payments», «Bank card payments» and the link «Belagroprombank».
2. Into the field for entering information in the screen of TV enter the login and the password, that you used while the registration to the service «ТV-banking».
3. After the successful entrance the bank’s system will generate a one-time password that you will get in the form of SMS-message on your telephone number, indicated on registration. This password must be used to make any payment.
 4. To make a payment you should be guided by hints in the menu.

Where to use

The system TV-banking allows:
• to control the actual balance of funds on the current (settlement) account, to which a bank card has been issued;
• to carry out cashless payments: to pay for communication services RUE «Beltelecom», services for Internet access, mobile operators (МТS, VELCOM, life:), BelCel, GLOBALSIM), public service and other services under the system «Calculation» (SSIS);
• to transfer funds: from your card to other cards, deposit accounts, accounts for accounting credit debt, opened in our bank.

Benefits of ТV-banking
• Convenience – the system provides access to your accounts and bank services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in any town of the republic of Belarus, where there is access to the interactive television «ZALA».
• Safety – full confidentiality of the relations between the bank and the client due to the use of modern technologies encrypting data, as well as due to a possibility to change the login and the password individually. When making payments in the system your card’s data are not used, which allows to avoid the risk of data being compromised.
 • Simplicity of use – it is no need to obtain special knowledge and experience, to manage own funds. The system has a convenient and understandable to everyone interface.

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