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Internet-banking - is a system of remote maintenance of JSC Belagroprombank’s customers through Internet. To use a system a customer should be a holder of a bank payment card, issued by JSC Belagroprombank, or conclude with JSC Belagroprombank a credit contract, a contract of a current account, a contract of a bank deposit and to activate the service.

Internet-banking – Where to use

System of Internet-banking allows:
• to monitor own accounts: You can always get information about the balance of funds on the deposit (deposit), current (settlement) account, account of the credit debt, find out the amount of permitted overdraft and the balance on the card. Moreover, you can view information about all committed transactions in the system, as well as to receive a statement of your accounts;
• to implement cashless payments: to pay for communication services of RUE “Beltelecom”, Internet services, mobile services (MTS, А1, Life:), public services and other payments within the "Settlements" (SSIS), and other payments with arbitrarily given details;
• to transfer funds: from your card to other cards, deposit accounts, accounts for accounting credit debt, opened in our bank;
• to manage additional services: lock/unlock your cards, a service of getting a statement at the e-mail, an ability to implement transactions in the Internet (including a technology 3D-Secure).
• a full range of services .

Benefits of the system Internet-banking
• Convenience – a system provides access to your accounts and bank services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.
• Security – a full confidentiality of relations between a bank and a customer through the use of modern data encryption technologies, as well as the possibility of changing the username and password by a customer personally. When making payments in the system of Internet-banking, details of your card are not used, thus avoiding the risk of being compromised.
 • Simplicity of use – it is not necessary to possess special knowledge or experience to manage own funds. The system has a convenient and clear for everyone interface.

Means for accessing the system

When connecting to the service, you get two cards, covered with washable and impermeable film (password card and a card key) or password card and 32-digit secret code to activate the application MobiPass (card MobiPass).

The password card contains a login – code, which is your username to log in and a password - the password, used to access the system. Once logged in, you can change the username and the password.
 For financial and other transactions you need a key card or an application MobiPass, installed on your phone. If you have a card key, while carrying out certain operations you must enter one of the 60 secret session keys, stored on it. Number of session key is determined by the system randomly. If the manner of confirming operations (authentication) is an application MobiPass, then the session keys are generated by this application. Pre-application needs to be downloaded from the AppStore or PlayMarket and activated on your phone using a bank issued 32-digit secret code. During activation, you have to invent and remember a PIN code, which will then be used to generate session keys.

Security rules.
1. Never tell the information about your login, password or session keys to third parties, including the bank’s employees.
2. Check, the connection really happens in a protected mode SSL, in the lower right corner of your Web browser should be visible a closed lock icon.
3. Check, the connection has been settled exactly with the server of JSC Belagroprombank at the address
4. Make sure, that your computer does not have any viruses. Download and activate antivirus programs. Try always to upgrade them. Take into account, that action of viruses may cause storage and transfer of information to third parties.
5. Use the software from checked and trusted sources, update it regularly.
6. Never store information about your login, password, or session keys on any storage sources, including a computer. If you have any suspicion of compromise of a login, a password and (or) session keys or in case of loss of passwords/keys/MobiPass cards, you must immediately contact the bank to block the access to the system. To re-activate the service there must be a written application with further issuance of new cards with passwords and keys.
 7. After finishing the work in the system you must close the window of the system with a help of a button to exit the system.

Telephones for additional information on security, locking the entrance to the system of «Internet-banking»: 8 017 218 58 88.

To connect to the system of Internet-banking you should:
1. Apply to the nearest affiliate or office of the bank.
2. Learn the Rules about use of the system of Internet-banking.
3. Issue an application to connect to the system on Internet-banking.
4. Get the cards with passwords and session keys or MobiPass.
5. In 2-3 days after the application you can use the service.
 6. Connection and use of the service of «Internet-banking» is free of charge!

Short usage guide
1. To connect to the system of Internet-banking you should type in the address line of your web browser the address
2. On the monitor of the computer will appear the information about the used SSL protocol with a certificate. You can learn the security certificate and make sure that it belongs to the bank’s web site.
3. Then to enter the system you should type your login and a password, indicated on the passwords card and push the button «Enter»! If everything is done correctly, you enter the main page of the system.

 To add a card in Internet-banking you need to select the menu item "Your cards", the subsection "Management of cards", where you should highlight the desired card with the status "not in use" and click the button "Add a card into Internet-banking." After connecting the cards - they will be visible on the home page and available for payment services in the section "Payment for services" and other sections. For more information about Internet-banking download the instruction below.

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