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          JSC Belagroprombank takes care of the older generation and offers individuals who receive state pensions or allowances to become customers of the Bank and to use a new package of services for pensioners – the package “Care”. 


The deposite is available only for "Care" package owners, at the bank office where the "Care" pensionary account is held.

 Bank deposit  "Care" effective 29.08.2019
Deposit currency
Belarusian rubles
 270 days
Interest rate
per annum
Type of interest rate 
Amount of initial deposit
 Not less than 10 Belarusian rubles
Payment of interest at the client’s choice 
Capitalization or monthly transfer to the pension account "Care".
Top up option Permitted during the term of the agreement. The minimum top up amount is 1 Belarusian ruble. The bank has a right to unilaterally suspend the top-up option on the deposit.
Possibility of partial withdrawal of the amount
It is allowed to reclaim part of the deposit in the amount not exceeding the amount of interest yield accrued on the deposit.
Interest recalculation upon premature deposit contract termination    
In case of premature termination of the deposit contract, the interest yield for the actual period of the deposit shall be calculated at the rate applicable to the On Demand deposit, added to the deposit amount and paid out to the depositor along with the deposit amount.
Extension option
Not available. Upon deposit expiry,  the deposit is transferred to the On Demand deposit
Possibility to open a deposit in the name of another person
Not available
Interest rate used  for recalculation purposes in case of premature deposit contract termination
Interest rate applicable to the Demand Deposit in the respective currency effective on the date of premature contract termination
In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus  № 22 as of 04.11.2008 the State guarantees full safety of funds of individuals in Belarusian rubles and foreign currency, allocated on the accounts and (or) on deposits and reimbursement of 100 percent of the amount in the currency of the account or the deposit.



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