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Overdraft is one of the most popular types of crediting. Arrange your overdraft in advance and take advantage of the overdraft facility any time you wish without visiting the bank.

Loan currency: Belarusian rubles (BYR)

Loan interest rate (% per annum): In Belarusian rubles

12% per annum – up to the first 90 calendar days from the date of the loan;

For employees of agricultural enterprises who are holders of the Salary package (basic, standard): 14,5% (RR+1,5%)* - starting the 91st calendar day from the date of the loan;

For other categories: 15% (RR+2%)* - starting the 91st calendar day from the date of the loan»

Loan term: up to 1 year with a possibility of prolongation.

Minimum overdraft amount: 200 Belarusian rubles.

Maximum overdraft amount on standard terms: 5000 Belarusian rubles.

* - the interest rate is variable depending on the refinancing rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

Loan application review period: 2 business days.

Debit cards fees and charges.

Loan collateral: penalty.

Loan requirements:
• In the amount up to 3 monthly salaries for the holders of the Salary package (basic, standard, optional)
• Overdraft is allowed only on accounts to which the following is credited (or is planned to be credited within one calendar month following the opening of an overdraft line of credit):
1. Salary of the applicant;
2. Income of the applicant from entrepreneurial activity, under the agreement of cashless transfer of salary into salary accounts;
3. Pension payment to the applicant.
You can access overdraft facilities within the established overdraft limit only with a card or card details.

Overdraft facility is available:
• for holders of the Salary package:
-in the amount up to 3 salaries for Salary package holders (basic, standard);
-overdraft in the amount up to 5 salaries is available for the following client categories:
• for holders of the Salary package (special);
- for Visa Platinum cardholders;
- for holders of Visa Gold and MasterCard Gold cards;
• for holders of the Care package in the amount not exceeding 2 (two) monthly pension payments.
Overdraft loan shall be repaid in equal installments within 6 months after the expiration of the overdraft loan period.

Loan eligibility requirements for the borrower:
• the borrower must hold a citizenship of the Republic of Belarus (if the potential borrower has no citizenship he must be permanently registered in the Republic of Belarus and hold a residence permit);
• the borrower has regular officially confirmed income in the Republic of Belarus;
• the borrower has no negative credit history;
• Individuals must be under 65 years old on the date of overdraft loan application (in the month of overdraft prolongation).

Borrowers who have reached retirement age can apply for the overdraft in the amount no more than 50% of the salary.

Documents required for overdraft loan application:
• Overdraft application request;
• Document proving the borrower’s(guarantor’s) income;
• Consent to submit a credit report from the “Credit Bureau” automated information system of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (in presence of the bank employee);
Documents confirming income of the borrower (guarantor(s)):
• Income statement shall be provided for the last 3 full calendar months;
• Proof of pension payments received for the last 3 full calendar months as per the form approved by the resolution of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus dd. 05.10.2010 №140 “On establishing generic forms of statements and permission”;
• Other documents confirming income as determined by the resolution of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus dd. 18.04.2014 No.253 “On some issues related to granting loans to individuals and financing against assignment of a monetary claim (factoring)” as per the forms established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, and containing information on the income received in the last 3 full calendar months;
• Borrowers and guarantors who are the Bank’s clients and receive income and similar payments, entrepreneurial profit, pension payments can proof their income by providing a statement of the current account to which a debit card is issued.

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