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Visa Infinite


Visa Infinite is an exclusive payment instrument that combines not only flexible financial terms and services of international class, but also exclusive privileges and unique opportunities. The card emphasizes the high status of its owners and guarantees them various preferences in different spheres of life.


Advantages of the bank payment card Visa Infinite:

 Priority Pass – is a popular international program of access to airport business lounges. Membership in the Priority Pass program will allow Visa Infinite cardholders to spend time with comfort at more than 1000 airport business lounges throughout the world while waiting for the flight, no matter where they travel, what class or plane they fly. The excess to VIP-lounges of international airports for the Bank's clients is free of charge.

Virtual discount card Premium Card is issued (generated) to a client in the personal account of the mobile application at the time of issue of Visa Infinite card with the validity period equal to the validity period of the premium card. The virtual discount card Premium Card gives an access to the discount program "Premium Card" and provides a Visa Infinite cardholder with the right to get discounts and privileges in the network of the companies that participate in the program of privileges.

Cashback at the premium outlets worldwide is the income paid to a client by the bank as a percentage of the amount of non-cash payment made with Visa Infinite for goods in the trade and service organizations of premium class in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

Legal assistance of LO "Artsinger". The program of legal assistance includes legal protection, provided by the law office "Artsinger" on the basis of a written or oral request from a Visa Infinite cardholder and provides one hour of legal assistance free of charge.

Free transfer to/from the national airport "Minsk-2". A Visa Infinite cardholder is provided with three free of charge transfers in the comfortable taxi "Pyatnitsa plyus", if the promo code is presented. Promo codes are sent via Viber messages.

Concierge service is special assistance that in many cases will substitute a personal secretary, will help to solve current organizational issues and provide any consulting services twenty-four hours a day. All background information is provided free of charge.

Full travel insurance is an extended insurance program for a Visa Infinite cardholder and his/her family with a coverage limit up to 1 million US dollars. The program is valid only if 50% of transportation costs and/or accommodation during the trip are paid with Visa Infinite card.

Premium service at the national airport "Minsk-2" provides a Visa Infinite cardholder with a special treatment and free of charge visits to the business lounges.

"Protection of purchases" service allows you to protect your purchases that cost over 100 US dollars paid with the card Visa Infinite. Protection of the purchase is valid within the first 90 days after it has been performed and is aimed at paying compensation in case of the purchase’s theft or damage.

"Extended guarantee" service prolongs the manufacturer’s guarantee period twice, but not longer than 24 months after the purchase has been made with the card Visa Infinite.

Locking of the lost/stolen bank payment card, quick reissuance of the card or cash withdrawal are provided by GCAS to customers who have lost their card while traveling. GCAS (+1 303 967 1096) works round-the-clock and supports many languages, including Russian.

Medical and legal support is provided by International SOS (+44 (0) 208 762 83 73; +7 (495) 937 64 53) within the first 90 days of any trip abroad provided a flight ticket has been bought with Visa Infinite. This service provides information on medical and legal issues, organizes meetings with doctors, lawyers, interpreters, helps to organize hospitalization, drug delivery, evacuation and other services.

Accident and health insurance during the trip abroad for a total of up to 90 days. This insurance is valid within the validity period of the card and applies to all countries.

Bonuses and special offers in the country and abroad in the best shops, restaurants, hotels and other merchants listed on the web-site

Discounts on airport escorts around the world within Airport Speed Pass program.

Closed safe custody and Closed safe custody using automated depository on preferential terms and conditions.

Free card reissue once during the validity period of the bank payment card in case of loss, mechanical damage, loss of PIN code, changes of customer’s data.

Free issue of a bank payment card: Visa Gold or Master Gold for your spouse, relative or other person, as well as the issue of a deposit card and an unreal card in the name of  a Visa Infinite cardholder.

Free cash withdrawal at ATMs worldwide, as well as at cash advance offices of JSC Belagroprombank.

Internet banking, mobile Internet banking and other means of remote service are free of charge and allow you 24 hours a day from any place of the world to monitor your current accounts, make payments (for public utilities, mobile services, Internet, etc.), transfer money from one card to another, replenish deposits, repay loans and other transactions.

SMS-notification is provided free of charge and allows you to receive an SMS message in case of any attempt to make transactions on the card or certain operations (crediting, non-cash payment, unsuccessful payment attempt, etc.). This service can be easily connected or disconnected via Internet banking. It is particularly relevant when traveling to countries with a high risk of fraudulent transactions and it helps protect your savings from unauthorized use.

Personal Manager provides banking services for a Visa Infinite cardholder and helps to solve any customer issues quickly and without waiting.



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