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+375 (29) 888 57 77 (МТС);
+375 (25) 999 57 77 (Life :)

Calls from fixed or mobile phone are charged according to the regular rates.
Information service is free of charge.

Salary package (Alternative)

The Salary package (Alternative) provides you with the most popular banking services:

1)  opening of a salary account and issuing of a salary card*:  

MasterСard Unembossed Credit “Motsnaya Kartka” MasterCard Standard
Visa classic Visa Classic

Visa gold Visa Gold
Visa Platinum
MasterCard Gold


* the type of a card is specified in the salary transfer agreement signed with the company.

You can replace the card and upgrade its status. To replace the card, contact your local bank office and pay the respective fee as per the bank’s Fee Guide (Section V of the Fee Guide ).

Interest rate on account balance - 0,1% p.a.

2) overdraft facility  option to the salary account (interest rate is 2% lower than the standard interest rate)

3) free of charge connection to the Internet Banking. The Internet Banking user manual is available here.

4) free of charge SMS alert notification service, XL package

5) free of charge installation and use of one of the bank’s mobile applications on the mobile phone: Mobile Internet Banking and/or Mobile Banking;

6) free of charge cashless transfer of funds between the cards owned by the same cardholder using remote servicing systems (Internet banking, mobile applications, infokiosks);

7) virtual debit card  “Unreal card” is issued free of charge

8) additional children’s debit card is issued free of charge

To apply for the Salary package (Alternative), your employer is required to sign a salary transfer agreement, and you need to visit the bank’s office with your ID document and the proof of income document (for overdraft facility).


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