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Unreal card

An “Unreal card” is a virtual bank payment card that will provide a new level of freedom and safety while making purchases over the Internet. Possessing all the advantages of the international card Visa Classic, the “Unreal card” does not have a physical bearer, which means that it is protected from various types of fraud based on production of cards copies. The “Unreal card” is a set of requisites, so it cannot be used for performing transactions in real shops, terminals and ATMs, but it can be used for making online payments.

Using the “Unreal card” you can:

- perform payments in the Internet safely, incl. with the use of 3D-Secure modern technology (Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode) which can be connected to Internet banking system.

- replenish the “Unreal card” free of charge using Internet banking, Mobile Internet banking or self-service machines by performing an immediate transfer from a different card issued by JSC Belagroprombank. The client should not store huge sums of money on the card and should replenish the card only with the amount of money needed for the transaction. 

- perform transactions and control accounts in the systems of remote banking service (Internet banking, mobile applications and others).

- make payments in any country’s currency, not depending on the currency of the account (the conversion will happen automatically).

The advantages of the “Unreal card”:

- By using the “Unreal card” you promptly start performing transactions over the Internet, which simplifies procedure for starting its use. Besides, the client can connect to additional protection based on 3D-Secure modern technology in Internet banking system.

- Low price of the “Unreal card” (the fee for issuance of the card with the maturity of 1 year is 3 Belarusian ruble as of 01.05.2016) including all the advantages of a high-status card Visa Classic.

- High security is provided due to absence of a physical bearer and use of the account opened for the “Unreal card” only with the purpose of making online payments.   

Лучшие курсы в выбранном населенном пункте

24/10/21 we buy we sell
USD 2.4100 2.4300
EUR 2.8070 2.8270
100 units
3.3950 3.4750

USD USD 2.4299
EUR Euro 2.8268
RUB 100 rus.rub. 3.4309
Precious metal
Precious metal
currency value price
BYN 50г 8 200.00
BYN 20г 3 270.00
BYN 10г 1 680.00
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