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Bank payment card Maestro


Value your time!

Maestro is the most accessible bank payment card. It provides an opportunity to pay for goods at more than 7 mln merchants all over the world as well as to get cash in the banks’ branches and ATMs in more than 81 countries.


All the transactions using Maestro cards are subject to obligatory authorization to enhance its safety. The card holder should always enter a PIN when performing transactions using the card.

From 15.11.2015 onwards, Maestro cards will no longer be issued.

Upon expiry of the Maestro Card, it is possible to issue the MasterCard Unembossed card subject to the fee as per cl. of the Fee Guide.

Лучшие курсы в выбранном населенном пункте

26/09/23 we buy we sell
USD 3.2590 3.2900
EUR 3.4000 3.4620
100 units
3.3300 3.4100

USD USD 3.2629
EUR Euro 3.4706
RUB 100 rus.rub. 3.3939
Precious metal
Precious metal
currency value price
BYN 50г 11 030.00
BYN 20г 4 870.00
BYN 10г 2 630.00
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