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Visa Instant (Standard)

Freedom of your wishes!

JSC Belagroprombank offers the customer non-identifiable payment cards Visa Instant with flexible terms of service, allowing to choose the most appropriate type of crediting and use of the card. 

Visa Instant card is an international card and is served both in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. The card is accepted wherever there is the logo Visa.

Documents required for a loan

To get a loan, go to the personal page in the system «Internet banking»

Benefits of a credit card Visa Instant:

  • interest is calculated only on the amount, that you used;
  • early credit repayment can be carried out without limits.
Currency of a loan Belarusian rubles
Interest rate on a loan

16% (refinancing rate +3%* per annum**)

15% per annum (refinancing rate +2%)** - for loyal customers

Limit of a loan within the borrower’s solvency
Loan period  up to 3,5 years. Nonrevolving line of credit
Loan collateral Collateral for the loan is a guarantee of individuals. Special conditions for the loan without guarantors***
Repayment of a loan Repayment of a principal debt on the loan is made after 6 months following the month of the loan agreement (during 6 months following the month of the loan agreement, the borrower repays only the interest for actual use of the loan) .
Early repayment of a loan Without limit
Term  for reviewing documents

- if applying to the bank till 12:00, not later than the end of the working day;

- if applying to the bank after 12:00, on days off and holidays, not later than 12:00 the following working day **

Term of the loan up to 6 months
Interest is calculated only on the actual amount of the principal debt.
Issuance of the guarantee contract with an individual to ensure the repayment of a loan - 20 Belarusian rubles.
Cash payment (on credits with the use of credit payment cards, as well as from the current (settlement) account - 5% of the sum (min.3 Belarusian rubles).
To get the loan it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements:
  • age above 18 years;
  • citizenship of the Republic of Belarus (individuals without citizenship and foreign citizens, constantly prescribed in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and having a residence permit);
  • processing regular, official confirmed income in the Republic of Belarus;
  • absence of negative credit history (for individuals - entrepreneurs of the Republic of Belarus - the absence of tax debts, dues and other payments to the budget (optional));
  • individuals whose average monthly net income exceeds the amount of the subsistence minimum in the average per capita;
  • Military-aged males (under 27 years old) holding citizenship of the Republic of Belarus) – presence of a military ticket or other documents, proving the right for deferment from military service. Except for employees of the internal affairs bodies, financial investigation bodies of the Government Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus, bodies and subdivisions for emergencies, military men, employed by the military forces of the Republic of Belarus.
* - in some cases the term for reviewing documents may be prolonged
 ** - interest rate for the use of the loan is changeable, and changes on the date of the change of the refinancing rate if the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.
When issuing cash on bank payment cards of the Bank other acquiring banks in their ATMs may charge extra fee to the Bank's commission on these transactions.
It is possible to repay loans in Belarusian rubles through self-service devices (infokiosks), equipped with a receiving cash module.
 * To submit a preliminary application for a loan, you can call the Call Center of the bank by a  short number 136 or by using the online banking system “Internet banking”, going to "your loans" (for registered users in the system).


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