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A charity debit card “Touch”

A charity debit card “Touch” is a payment card of the international payment system MasterCard Worldwide issued within the framework of the joint project  with  the international payment system Mastercard and the local charity foundation “Prikosnoveniye k zhizni” (“Touch of Life”).

Within the project, JSC Belagroprombank issues the following types of charity debit cards “Touch” - Mastercard Gold and Mastercard Unembossed.

To make a donation to charity, there is no need to visit the bank’s office and complete any documents. All you need to do is to make a purchase at a merchant using Belagroprombank’s card “Touch”.

To help children is easy:

  • When you buy the card, 50% of its price goes to the charity foundation “Prikosnoveniye k zhizni” (“Touch of Life”).
  • Every time you perform a cashless payment  at merchants using the charity debit card Mastercard “Touch”, 0,3% of the amount paid goes from your account to the charity foundation  “Touch of Life”.
  • As a sign of solidarity, Belagroprombank will double the amount and will donate 0,3% of the amount of cashless payment from its own funds.

You can use a charity debit card “Touch”:

  • To pay for goods, works and services at merchants;
  • To pay for utility services, mobile phone bills etc. through remote bank service, cash machines and infokiosks;
  • To withdraw cash at cash machines and at the bank’s cash desks;
  • To make payments online using card details;
  • To make payments and withdraw cash outside the Republic of Belarus.

An additional card may be issued to your account in the name of any member of your family, which will work in the same way.
The funds raised by the charity foundation “Prikosnoveniye k zhizni” (“Touch of Life”) will be spent on medical treatment and rehabilitation of children with oncologic and hematologic diseases, organization and assistance in the wellness programs for children, and to help children’s oncology and hematology clinics.

For detailed information visit the official website of the charity foundation “Prikosnoveniye k zhizni”.

Every holder of the charity debit card “Touch” can see the reports showing where funds raised go. Such reports will be posted at Belagroprombank’s website on a regular basis.

Let’s help children with a gentle touch!

Лучшие курсы в выбранном населенном пункте

28/09/22 we buy we sell
USD 2.4650 2.5100
EUR 2.4020 2.4700
100 units
3.3000 4.2900

USD USD 2.4944
EUR Euro 2.4167
RUB 100 rus.rub. 4.2779
Precious metal
Precious metal
currency value price
BYN 50г 11 800.00
BYN 20г 4 900.00
BYN 10г 2 700.00
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