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Bank payment cards

Terms and conditions of the agreement on current (settlement) account to which the bank payment card is issued (further - the terms and conditions) (FORM )


Types of bank payment cards issued by JSC Belagroprombank:

Each client is unique, and that is why all our bank payment cards are unique. We know that our work is to provide a choice that will meet all your financial requests. We are ready to offer our knowledge and experience to help you in the world of bank payment cards to make a choice to suit your individual needs and desires. 

Visa Infinite

     Visa Platinum

платежная карточка visa infinite


платежная карточка visa platinum

 Visa Gold    Mastercard Gold
платежная карточка visa gold   платежная карточка mastercard gold
 Visa Classic   Mastercard Standard

платежная карточка visa classic

  платежная карточка mastercard standart
MasterCard Unembossed   BELCARD
 платежная карточка mastercard unambossed   платежная карточка belcard
 BELCARD-Premium     BELCARD-Premium-Maestro

MasterСard Unembossed Credit “Motsnaya Kartka”    A charity debit card “Touch”
карточка банковская mastercard моцная картка   платежная банковская карточка прикосновение touch
  BELCARD-М    Maestro
 банковская карточка maestro    
  Cards with custom design    

A card’s design is a subject for change by the bank.  When applying to the bank, we would ask you to inquire about the design of the chosen card. 

Fee Guide for the service of cards

You can issue a loan on a card.

Recommendations of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on secure use of bank payment cards  

Peculiarities of foreign exchange transactions on the current (settlement) account, to which cards are issued.

On the balance of the accounts, to which cards are issued, interests are accrued in accordance with the following table:

 On the accounts in Belarusian rubles, to which  pension is paid at least 1 time within 3 months 0,1% per annum
 On other accounts in Belarusian rubles 0,1% per annum
 On other accounts in foreign currency 0,1% per annum

It is possible to top up the current (settlement) bank accounts in Belarusian rubles, to which bank payment cards have been issued, with cash through infokiosks equipped with module to accept cash “on-line”.

 To top up a card a customer should: 

  • place a card you would like to top up with cash into a card reader;
  • among the provided services choose: Bank’s Services – Top up of an account, to which a bank payment card is issued, with cash;
  • after displaying on the screen of a number and an expiry date of a card, put it into the card reader, prove the payment and enter the amount of the payment by putting banknotes into the card reader;
  • push the button “Further” and if needed fill in the e-mail address to receive a copy of the receipt;
  • push the button “To pay”. 

The paid amount will be available for use within several minutes after the transaction has been performed.

We pay your attention that the service is provided only for users of debit cards. A card must be active at the moment of the transaction.

In the system “Internet banking” a new service has appeared “Repayment of an overdraft”. Now customers of the Bank can repay an overdraft (including a technical overdraft) on the account, to which a banking card is issued. From the menu item “Pay for the services” you should choose the “Services of the bank”/”Repayment of an overdraft”/the bank’s branch, where the account is opened/”Repayment of an overdraft” in the appropriate currency and enter the password (three last numbers of the passport). This service is available for holders of debit bank payment cards. 

In the system “Internet banking” it is possible to get a mini-statement. Now the Bank's customers can quickly learn about the last 13 transactions, performed on the card during the last 9 days. To do this, in the menu item "Your Cards" a customer should select a "Mini-statement", specify the desired card, enter the session key and press the button "Get a mini-statement". The main feature of a mini-statement is to display both written off from the card account transactions and operations, the funds of which are blocked, but not yet debited from the card account. Fee is charged for this service according to the Fee Guide for the transactions performed by JSC Belagroprombank.


A nice screensaver of JSC Belagroprombank for your computer. Download here.

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