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Work Time Contact Center Bank: Mon-Fri From 8AM To 8PM, Sat-Sun from 8AM to 6PM
Additional phone numbers:
+375 (17) 218 57 77;
+375 (29) 198 57 77 (A1);
+375 (29) 888 57 77 (МТС);
+375 (25) 999 57 77 (Life :)

Calls from fixed or mobile phone are charged according to the regular rates.
Information service is free of charge.

Individual customers

JSC Belagroprombank is one of the leaders on retail banking market in the Republic of Belarus.

Increasing our services range and improving customer service are the top priorities of the Bank’s development.

We offer comprehensive cash and settlement services in local and foreign currency and a wide range of high-demand retail banking services, namely:

  • Savings system “Line of Growth 3.0 Up to 1 Year” and “Line of Growth 3.0 Over 1 Year” offering the possibility of choice between different forms of deposit of temporary free funds: deposits, securities;
  • Loans to individuals;
  • A full range of transactions using Belcard, Visa and Mastercard bank cards;
  • “Salary Package” for employees and “Care Package” for pensioners;
  • Remote customer services – Internet Banking and SMS Banking;
  • “Fast Money” express money transfer service (within 30 minutes) in Belarusian rubles  available in any bank’s branch office throughout the Republic of Belarus;
  • International money transfer services, including Western Union;
  • Sale of measured bars of  precious metals and precious stones;
  • Insurance services, including sale of insurance policies  and payment of insurance claims;
  • Sale of lottery tickets and payout of lottery winnings;
  • Sale of commemorative coins issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Currency exchange service;
  • Custody of valuables, documents, memorabilia in depositary safes;
  • Brokerage services on the securities market;
  • Depositary service.

Лучшие курсы в выбранном населенном пункте

21/01/22 we buy we sell
USD 2.5650 2.5830
EUR 2.9130 2.9330
100 units
3.3350 3.4050

USD USD 2.5734
EUR Euro 2.9232
RUB 100 rus.rub. 3.3614
Precious metal
Precious metal
currency value price
BYN 50г 8 200.00
BYN 20г 3 300.00
BYN 10г 1 700.00
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