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Immediate payments

Dear clients!

JSC Belagroprombank has implemented a new service - payment order execution with a feature of immediate payment (immediate payment) 24/7/365 (around the clock).

The implementation of immediate payments from current (settlement) accounts in Belarusian rubles for intrabank transactions (beneficiary, serviced by JSC Belagroprombank) is provided.

It is allowed to carry out transactions between legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (except for payments in favor of the Bank, tax payments).

Immediate payments are made in real time, are irrevocable and are not subject to cancellation.

Immediate payment is executed in the absence of:

• encumbrances on the account (filing "Settlement documents, that are not paid on time", arrests, suspension of account transactions);
• unprocessed payment requests without acceptance, payment orders, funds reservation orders;
• other restrictions provided by the software and verification schemes for processing instant payments.

Immeadiate payment is executed in the full amount within the balance of funds on the account minus the reservations opened on this account (the limit of the provided overdraft on the account is not included in the calculation of funds available for immediate payment execution).

Immediate payment received by the Bank after the change of the date of the operational day (approximately after 16.50) is reflected on the Bank's Balance sheet on the next banking day (this feature is taken into account in the calculations of funds for payments for emergency needs, determination of the account balance at the beginning of the banking day).

To obtain information on immediate payments executed after the change of the date of the operational day in the statements, the date of the next banking (working) day should be specified in the information selection period in the "to" detail. For example, immediate payment is executed at 17: 00 14.12.2018 (Friday). When forming at 17:10 14.12.2018 statements with information on all payments for the current day in the selection period should be specified from 14.12.2018 to 17.12.2018.

In order to process and send an immediate payment in the payment order, it is necessary to select the feature "immediate" (instead of "normal" or "urgent").

Please note that at the initial stage, a preferential tariff is applied for instant payments (fee for Bank transfer in Belarusian rubles on the basis of a payment instruction transmitted using the remote banking system in electronic form, taking into account the conditions of the selected package by the client – Chapter 5 “Banking services packages” of the Fee Guide of JSC Belagroprombank).

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