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An overdraft loan is available for corporate clients in the branch of JSC Belagroprombank where the client’s bank account is held within the set overdraft limit.

Overdraft on the current (settlement) account is not granted in foreign currency.

The principal requirements the client has to meet when applying for an overdraft:

  • The client has been using the cash and settlement services at JSC Belagroprombank during the last six months;
  • The client has no debt due under short-term loans and overdue interest thereon;
  • The client does not have overdue debt on credit operations and overdue interest thereon during the past year;
  • The client does not have any pending lawsuits, in which the Applicant acts as a respondent, that could influence the fulfillment of obligations under overdraft lending;
  • Credit rating of group “А” or “В”;
  • Funds arrive to the Applicant’s current (settlement) account with JSC Belagroprombank at a frequency of at least once every five business days in the course of the last 6 months;
  • The client did not have a card file to the off-balance sheet account “Overdue payment documents” for longer than 30 days during the past year;
  • The Applicant has not been included in the register of commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs with a heightened risk of delinquency in the economic sector as established by the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus, during six months preceding the date of application for an overdraft;  
  • The Applicant’s business activity is not subject to seasonality.

An Applicant shall submit a standard set of documents to the bank.

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