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Microcredits are granted under the simplified loan procedure to solvent corporate clients (except corporate clients falling under the category “Small and medium enterprises”) who have (a) current(settlement) account(s) with JSC Belagroprombank provided that the turnover on such account(s) has been for at least three last months, without any overdue payments under their obligations towards the bank (on the reporting dates of each months for the last six months), who have been assigned with “A” or “B” group credit rating (in case the credit rating is not specified, such criteria shall not apply), provided that the client’s indebtedness on these credits does not exceed 15000 base values set by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on the date when the final credit agreement was signed.

The credit amount is determined based on the financial condition of the client, the turnover on the current (settlement) account and the amount of the proposed liquid collateral.

Microcredits are granted:
- In Belarusian rubles and in foreign currency;
- As a one-time credit or as a revolving credit line.

Maturity dates of a microcredit can be established 6 months from the date of a credit agreement. Other maturity dates can be established for a microcredit in accordance with the well-grounded proceeds schedule provided by the Borrower.

When applying for a credit, the client shall provide a standard set of documents.

In case the client who applies for the microcredit is a newly established legal entity that has not conducted business activity since its state registration and until the date of application for the microcredit, such client is required to:

  • Provide a plan of operational and financial activity development;
  • Bear at least 30% share in the expenses necessary for the project implementation.

Microcredits in the amount up to 100 base values set by the legislation on the date of credit disbursement can be granted without collateral (including penalty) exclusive of its adequacy.

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