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In a lease transaction, the bank’s regional or local branch purchases the object of lease and passes it to another legal entity for temporary possession and use for the specified period of time and on a fee basis with subsequent buyout of the object of lease.

Lease transactions are performed by business entities that have sufficient level of solvency, stable financial position, profitable business, capable of making full and timely lease payments and buying out the object of lease under the terms of the agreement concluded with the bank.

The object of lease is in ownership of the lessor (the bank) during the term of the lease agreement.

The right to choose the object of lease and its provider belongs to the lessee, and may be exercised by the bank independently as agreed with the lessee.

The terms for lease transactions are determined based on specific features of the object of lease and its use by the lessee.

Advantages of lease of property:
Absence of lump-sum costs for the equipment received.
Appropriation of lease payments to the prime cost of manufactured products.
Possibility to accelerate depreciation of equipment.
Leasing projects are usually implemented through the bank’s subsidiary – JSC Agroleasing.
The following documents are required from legal entities to apply for a lease transaction:
Request for acquisition of property and its subsequent lease;
Questionnaire of the lessee;
Business plan or project feasibility (depending on the transaction amount (cost of lease contract) in accordance with the requirements and as per the form determined by the local normative legal act regulating the procedure for granting loans to business entities);
A copy of the balance sheet and a profit&loss statement– as of the latest quarter date before the date of the client’s application to the bank;
A copy of the annual balance sheet with all attachments thereto;
For individual entrepreneurs – in accordance with the requirements stated in the local normative legal act regulating the procedure for granting loans to business entities;
Draft of the contract of sale of property intended for subsequent lease;
Copies of documents supporting the choice of the object of lease:
- information on the comparative analysis of performance characteristics of the object of lease from different manufacturers (if required – tender results);
- other documents allowing to draw a conclusion on the cost and its conformance to qualitative parameters of the object of lease;
If the object of lease is a building (structure), copies of the following documents are required:
inventory checklist and building (structure) assessments sheet;
registration certificate issued by the RUE “Agency of State Registration and Land Cadastre”;
primary documents confirming the ownership right on the grounds of which the registration certificate is issued (alienation agreement, delivery and acceptance certificate, commissioning certificate, credit slips, decisions of the authorized bodies on transfer of property ownership etc.);
technical certificate of the building (structure);
State Certificate of land use right;
design and asbuilt documentation on the building (structure), including consolidated plan of networks;
certificates from the operating company confirming the absence of claims towards the owner of buildings (structures);
copies of the documents confirming projected income (contracts, precontract agreements containing the provisions of the obligatory fulfillment hereof) if the object of lease has industrial purpose or it is possible to calculate the project’s payback period;
documents ensuring performance of obligations under the lease contract;
copy of the power of attorney from the authorized person giving the right to sign property sale contracts, contracts with the bank (if contracts are signed by the signatory not authorized by the constituent document);
copies of documents (licenses to perform licensed types of activity) confirming the client’s legal capacity to carry out the corresponding types of activity on the date of application.

Note: the bank may request the client to provide additional information allowing to draw a conclusion on his financial state and the possibility of a lease transaction.

Copies of documents submitted must be certified by the client in accordance with the established procedures.

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