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JSC Belagroprombank grants loans to the bank’s clients for the implementation of investment projects aimed at the creation and movement of long-term assets.

Loans are granted on the following terms:

  • The loan term depends on the payback period of the financed costs taking into account the duration of the investment project, unless otherwise provided for by the law. Interest rates are set on the individual basis and depend on the efficiency of the project, type of collateral, amount of loan and other terms of the proposed investments projects; 
  • Loan repayment shall begin after the implementation of the project. The borrower shall repay the loan from the current account out of profit received from implementation of the investment project or from the company’s business activity as a whole; 
  • Interest on loan shall be paid as per procedure and within the schedule determined in the loan agreement.

When an investment loan involves new construction, reconstruction, assembly and construction works, in addition to a standard set of documents, the business plan of the investment project, or in certain cases cash flow calculation (services related to the development of investment projects business plans are provided by the bank’s subsidiary company PCUE “Agrobusinessconsult”) shall be provided, as well as the copies of the following documents:

  • Approved design and estimate documentation (summary of cost estimate and, if necessary, updated financed costs, local and/or facility cost estimates); 
  • Report on the state non-departmental expert examination of the design and estimate documentation; 
  • Construction contract (agreement), if necessary other contractor’s (subcontractor’s) contracts in case of contractual method of performing works; 
  • works schedule and cash disbursement schedule.

To purchase the equipment, including the equipment requiring installation and assembly, along with a standard set of documents, the copies of the following documents are required:

  • agreements (contracts) for purchase of such equipment;
  • consignment notes (invoices, specifications). 

The term of an investment loan depends on the payback period of the financed project and shall not exceed 5 years, unless otherwise provided for by legal regulatory acts of the Republic of Belarus within government programs implementation, decisions of the Government and (or) decisions of the local executive and regulatory authorities. In order to be considered for funding, the investment project shall meet the following requirement: the financing of the project must include own funds of the Applicant or investors’ contributions in the amount no less than 30 percent of the total investment costs.

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