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Depending on the type of projects implemented by the Bank’s clients, JSC Belagroprombank can offer various financing tools:

Moreover, the bank issues bank guarantees as security for the proper performance of obligations of the client towards his creditor.

All issues relating to lending shall be solved by the borrower and the Bank on the contractual basis by way of signing a loan agreement.

When applying for a loan, a business entity1 is required to provide a standard set of documents:

  1. An application for a loan;
  2. A questionnaire of a legal entity (as per the form established by JSC Belagroprombank);
  3. A copy of the document confirming the appointment to the position of the manager and the chief accountant (an order, a resolution of the owners, participants etc.), as well as a copy of the contract with the manager or an extract from the contract with the manager with regard to the manager’s powers and the contract term, signed by the authorized official of the applicant and affixed with a seal (in case of the absence thereof in the legal file). In case a loan agreement is signed by other officials - the appropriate letter of attorney, an order etc. The documents specified in this clause shall be provided by first time applicants and also in case of changes (amendments) to such documents;
  4. Copies of the documents confirming the legal entity’s right to perform the respective activity (incl. copies of licenses to perform licensed types of activity) on the date of loan disbursement;
  5. Information on interrelated legal entities (individual entrepreneurs) as per the form established in accordance with the legal regulatory act that regulates the procedure of dealing with Belagroprombank’s interrelated debtors. Such information is updated on a quarterly basis;
  6. A copy of the annual balance sheet with all appendices thereto for the preceding year with a breakdown of certain items. The auditors’ report is required if a legal entity is subject to mandatory audit as per the legislation of the Republic of Belarus);
  7. A copy of the balance sheet statement as of the latest quarterly reporting date with a breakdown of certain items (accounts receivable, financial investments, accounts payable, long-term credits and loans, short-term credits and loans etc.); a copy of the profit & loss statement as of the latest quarterly reporting date; copies of balance sheet statement and loss&profit statement for the relevant period of the preceding year.
  8. In case the applicant has a current (settlement) accounts in Belarusian rubles and (or) foreign currency) with other banks or JSC Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the applicant is required to provide a cash flow statement (as per the form established by JSC Belagroprombank), a certificate of availability of the card file to the off-balance sheet account “Outstanding payment documents”, signed by the manager (authorized official), the chief accountant and affixed with the applicant’s seal, or a cash flow statement and a certificate of availability of the card file to the off-balance sheet account “Outstanding payment documents” provided by other banks, JSC Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus;
  9. Predictive estimation of cash flow (Appendix 4 or the respective appendices to the Instructions depending on the type of lending);
  10. Information about the proposed methods of ensuring performance of obligations under the loan agreement;
  11. In case there are credit debts in other banks or JSC Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the information is required from the applicant or from the bank on the existing contracts specifying the amount of overdue debt and maturity date for such contracts (including interim), the amount of collateral and ways of collateral security (copies of contracts are accepted), information on overdue credit debt and duration of overdue credit debt;
  12. The consent to receive the credit report as per the established form (Appendix 10 to the Instructions);
  13. Documents confirming the credited transaction (copies of agreements (contracts), drafts of agreements (contracts) or other documents confirming the credited transaction etc.) provided that the loan agreement contains the condition of special-purpose use and there is necessity to check the intended use of credit.

In addition to the abovementioned documents, JSC Belagroprombank at its own discretion may request more documents necessary to assess the financial and economic activity and to determine the client’s credit rating, as well as other documents.

1This list of documents applies to legal entities that keep accounting records in accordance with the general practices

JSC Belagroprombank also provides services prior to or accompanying the procedure for issuing loans to business entities (services related to investment projects business plans development are provided by the bank’s subsidiary company PCUE “Agrobusinessconsult”):

  • financial assessment of the investment projects to determine their economic efficiency and recommendations on the project implementation; 
  • research on the prospects of development of the investment market and elaboration of the suggestions on the investment policy of the enterprise;
  • advice on the preparation of the documents required to apply for investment credits;
  • carrying out control measurements on the construction works performed.

Credit report submission


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