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Terminal in smartphone

  • allows you to accept for payment all contactless payment cards of payment systems VISA, MasterCard , BELCard
  • mobile wallets (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay and t . e .)
  • form factors (key rings, watches, etc.).


 What you need to receive payments:

Smartphone (tablet) with NFC-module and operating system Android 8.1 and above





Install on your smartphone via Google PlayMarket application «BPC NFC-POS»






обработка заявки

Acquiring agreement with JSC Belagroprombank


The BPC NFC-POS mobile application is a modern solution of JSC Bank Processing Center for receiving contactless payments on a smartphone.

Mobile application "BPC NFC-POS":

  • complies with the international requirements of the PCI DSS security standard;
  • provides access to the "Personal Account of the OTS" using a unique login / password, which the OTS assigns independently;
  • provides access to the "Personal account of the OTS", which allows you to control operations, generate various reports and administer operators (employees of the OTS);
  • information about payments made, details of bank payment cards, client signatures, entered pin codes are not stored in a smartphone (tablet);
  • allows you to enter a PIN code and encrypt it;
  • provides the ability to send a copy of the check at the request of the buyer to his e-mail address or mobile phone number via SMS;
  • provides the ability to manage transaction limits.


How to connect the Terminal in a smartphone:

Step 1. Leave an application for connection to the BPC NFC-POS mobile application on the website (JSC Bank Processing Center) and agree to the terms of the Public Offer.

Step 2. Leave an application on the website of JSC Belagroprombank or contact the JSC Belagroprombank, agree on the terms of service and conclude an acquiring agreement.

Step 3. Make a payment of 25 BYN including VAT for connection (for each device on which the BPC NFC-POS mobile application will work) to  JSC Bank Processing Center and submit to JSC Bank Processing Center an application for acceptance from your servicing bank to charge a monthly subscription fee for support in the amount of 10 BYN including VAT.

Step 4. Install the mobile application "BPC NFC-POS" on a smartphone (tablet) with an NFC module and Android 8.1 operating system and higher from Play Market (in Apple Store this app is not available).

Step 5. Obtain a login and password for the Client's Personal Account from JSC Bank Processing Center and independently create accounts in the BPC NFC-POS mobile application. At the same time, only the e-mail addresses specified in applications for registration with the bank are used for registration in the BPC NFC-POS mobile application.



We work with major payment systems 


   mastercard   белкарт




Our solutions for your business:

With terminal

   Standard acquiring

Integrated cash solutions

эквайринг кассовые решения


Smart cash desk


Acquiring with cash issue

Without terminal

Internet acquiring

интернет-эквайринг белагропромбанк


Additional Information


To connect the acquiring service to legal entities, as well as individual entrepreneurs, it is necessary:

Fill out the Application Form for acquiring for the installation of terminal equipment and send it to an e-mail address (the size of the message containing the package of documents sent to the bank should not exceed 15 MB):

  • Brest region –
  • Vitebsk region – acquiring @
  • Gomel region – acquiring @
  • Grodno region – acquiring @
  • Minsk region – acquiring@
  • Mogilev region –
  • Minsk city –
In accordance with the requirements of the international payment system MasterCard Worldwide from 01.01.2017, all newly registered terminal equipment installed in trade (service) organizations (hereinafter referred to as OTS) must provide the possibility of making contactless payments. At the same time, from 01/01/2021, all terminal equipment installed in the OTS must support this functionality.

For more detailed information about the service, please use  an online application .


General conditions of the Acquiring Agreement

Guidelines for servicing holders of bank payment cards in trade (service) organizations.

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